Saturday, February 23, 2008

March 22 is the date--

I love weekends. And weekends that precede two days that I can sleep in. Why am I not an adult like my parents who get up, no matter what they are doing, by no later than 6:00 a.m.? I slept until after 9 this morning, which is better than the noonish, which I did two weeks in a row after my surgery.

We are looking at March 22 for the BOOBS or BUST train trip to Chicago. Julie has to tell them how many are coming so now is time for 100 percent commitment. Plan on the whole day...we plan to leave in the morning from the South Shore station, get to the place (I think it is called if you want to check it out on the Internet) get our super duper lifting over the shoulder boulder holders and then have a fabulous lunch and then head back. I also could use your email address as the place has asked for it for some reason. I know some of you have to make work arrangements so please let me know if you really want to go. March 22...the end of saggy boobs.

My mom has had one side effect of her chemo--a bright red rash across her cheeks that isn't TOO bothersome. So far so good. My sister is in Hawaii. The life of a single girl is quite envious sometimes. But who would rub my feet?

Zech and Alyse are coming for dinner--we are having steak sandwiches and home made onion rings. I made some fresh salsa so we are all set. Then we are off to Andrew's last home basketball game for the year. I am so flippin' amazed at how fast this school year has gone. My kid will be in college before I know it.

Speaking of college, Andrew announced yesterday morning that he is not sure he wants to be a teacher because they don't make enough money. WOW. He has wanted to be a teacher since ...well.. forever. NOW WHAT? He had at one time considered being a weather man, which still interests him, and now he is thinking maybe pharmacy, but is afraid he would be bored not working with lots of people. Jim and I gave him suggestions and tips about the pros of I think he is now convinced he can make a DECENT living teaching, particularly since he wants to coach, too. He also says he wants to be an administrator like his mom. : ) We shall see. Next year he is taking Teaching Academy, which will certainly open his eyes to the ins and outs and the STRESSES of working with kids. But there are so many great things too about it.

It really can be difficult being an administrator's kid. Both boys have to listen to people who are angry with student called me a really NASTY name on their website because I had to give them a detention, and my kids heard about it. Luckily, they know it doesn't bother me much so they aren't off running to defend their mom, but I think it must bother them a little to have people say stuff. But Andrew has the right attitude--he says "who cares? They are jerks." I worry more about Josh who is so darn sensitive.

Anyway. That is about it for my words of wisdom.

Mrs. Brawley


Anonymous said...

If you haven't already, please read or rent the dvd "The Secret" It is LIFE CHANGING, particularly for those dealing with illnesses.

Hegemom said...

Girlfriend, if I could even THINK of putting on a bra right now, I would SO road trip to Chicago (from STL)! Have a blast-- in fact, have some extra fun for me, and at least one more helping of something delicious at lunch!


~Lori said...

Would love to go, but it is my hubby's b-day the 22nd. I'll be in Chicago on the 15th for a photo workshop, but don't think it would be a good idea to stop and bra shop with 17 other photographers in tow! hahaha! Could be interesting though....Nah! :)

Have a great trip!