Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Photo Chronicles of Rock Boob.

Well hello, all of you. It is a Saturday night and Jim went to his annual Hunter's Party. All the guys had to make a venison dish--Jim made venison fajitas. Josh is still asleep from his afternoon nap, and WOW, surprise, so is Andrew. I am watching some show about Andrea Yates, the woman who killed her five children. Mental illness is so mind-boggling, isn't it?

I love Saturdays because I can watch a lot of mindless TV. Ok, the Andrea Yates thing is scary so I will find something else. How about The Girls Next Door? Tee hee.

I will be posting my latest self-boob portrait of fake rock book and smaller sort of saggy good boob. I asked Jim to take the picture and he thought I meant without clothes---ugh! When I laughed and said NO, silly, he thought, 'well, I never know with you." Had to laugh. Today I ran into our staircase railing with rock boob and it about knocked me back three feet. I literally laughed out loud as it didn't even hurt. I also found that is is a nice little table to sit that heavy Pillars of the Earth book on when I am reading in bed. ANYWAY, the next picture you see after today's will be the implant picture with the boob that will be permanant. hmmmm..that is mind-boggling too.

Ok, going to work on getting that photo uploaded. Parental guidance is suggested. : )


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Hegemom said...

Rock boob!! hahahah! I love it! husband, too, is always saying stuff like "I never know with you," too! Hm...

Anyway, good luck with the non-rock boob!