Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A plethora of nothingness

If you haven't already, make sure you check out Debbie Floor's "bald is beautiful" pictures at her site. She is in control of her cancer journey and looks amazing. I would have had so many divets and craters in my head...God knew not to give me a cancer that involved losing my hair.

We are seriously looking at a Saturday date in March to take our "Boobs or BUST" trip to the bra fitting place in Chicago. We have not contacted the place yet but are looking at either the 15th or 22. If that doesn't work, we thought the second Saturday in April (after Spring Break) Let me know if you have preference. We have lots of interested people (with all different boob sizes) so please join us. More details to come. But give me date preferences.

I am very busy at school right now, so when I come home I just decompress. I didn't even go to Andrew's game last night...and if you know me, I don't miss much unless I have had my boobs stuffed or cut off. Two more games and then districts. I just was not up to traveling to Marshall. He, of course, was exhausted this morning and griped the whole time he was searching for matching socks, his shoes, etc. Josh and I just get the heck out of the house when he is like that.

The flu is hitting NHS hard...lots of teachers out for multiple days and kiddies, too. I swear by my flu shot, you know. But I still knock on wood. I do not want to get sick.

I am still reading and searching for info on ACC/breast. You know, stop it Molly. Just shut up about it.

We had really good mahi mahi with snap peas tonight for dinner, along with Jim's favorite french fries. I like fries, but not all that much so the ol' fishi fishi and peas did NOT fill me up. I hate that. And we have no yummy snacky type foods. I may just starve to death like my mom. Speaking of Barbara, I need to call her tonight. She started Round 2 of chemo today. Please pray it goes as well as last time.

As usual, the clan is napping and here it is, only 7:00. Andrew went to the girl's basketball game and hopefully will be calling to say our girls are headed to another district championship. That will be fun. I don't think our boys can do it, but you never know.

We need to speed winter along and get me to a sunny, HOT baseball game.

That is all I have to say.



Debbie said...


I am glad that you have finally been able to "break thru" into my blog. No hair is liberating, but I would take back my old hair in a minute. Vanity, what can I say. My goal is to walk around bald, it's a little cold now, even around the house. I have 2 wigs but am not impressed with either one.

Sleep has eluded me most of this week. I am beginning to feel like a zombie. I need to call Dr. Ansari today:)

I had a massage Tuesday and the therapist offered me a feel of her double mastectomy. They felt pretty normal, and were silicone. What type of filling did you get?

Keep your chin up and don't get sick!!

Hegemom said...

Hi, Molly!

I don't know if Debbie wants another reader, but if it's okay, let me know her site and I'll read that, too. Bald is, after all, beautiful. Or so I'm telling myself, a few weeks before chemo... :-)

Me, I basically slept most of the day. Surgery is more tiring than I thought. Zzzzz....

Hugs to you today, girlfriend!