Thursday, February 14, 2008


Who has the greatest husband in the universe? Yup, this ol' gal.

Jim and I do not celebrate holidays for each other so today is no big day--we love each other DEARLY but everyday is special, so today is no big deal. But when I got home from school he was in the kitchen and made me a 4 course meal:

First course: Bleu cheese/bacon salad YUM.
Second course: French Onion Soup with fresh guyere cheese. YUMMY!
Third course: Shrimp scampi with linguine. More than Yummmm
Dessert: Pecan Pie (ok, that wasn't homemade but everything else was!) haven't had any yet --too full!

Is he not the best? He let me hang out with the dog/kids/newspapers/Oprah while he cooked. I plannned to clean the kitchen but he even helped with that.

He is HOTY! (husband of the year)

On a lighter, funnier note, that may not be so funny, he has lost his hearing in one ear. Just all of a sudden...he says it feels clogged and he really can't hear. I put some wax (TMI I know) removing ear drops in but so far not much has changed. Poor guy.

I took the steri-strips off Boobie and she is a bit yellowish-bruised and still a little flat. I hope she rounds out a little. But she sure looks ok in a bra. Pizza Pocket has to go tho'--he has worn out his welcome.

I am now taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen to help with the pelvic helps a lot.
My blood pressure will probably spike again but at this point, I don't care. I am really thinking this might be related to the monthly curse--my face is so oily right now I feel like I am in junior high. Am I crazy to wish for menopause?

If you have read my posts, you have seen Stacey, who I met on my breast cancer site. She doesn't have ACC but is newly diagnosed. She is also a control freak like me and we found we had lots in common! She has surgery on Monday so let's wish her well and add her to prayers and positive thinking. Also, Mike, good to hear from you too. You would tell me to STOP WORRYING I know.
And Lori Anne, you are too funny! You elementary teachers sacrifice a lot in the line of duty. And as always, my Kristina--I am so sorry about the flu...gawd, I am knocking on wood that I haven't had that.

My mom, as always, is doing fine. She either is doing awesome or lying to me; but she really does seem ok. She got a second drug this week and so far no side effects...I keep praying it will go well for her. Debbie, I am reading YOUR blog and you are a perfect example of attitude is everything! Can't wait to see your mohawk!

Ok--i need to do some research on how to get Andrew to PT tomorrow. Ginger is taking him but we have never been there. She was rejected for jury duty by the way. I am glad the judge dismissed her--we all need her too much.

Hugs and kisses on Valentine's Day. Tonight is a good night to do a boob check--don't forget!



Debbie said...


Glad to hear that you have a HOTY!
I have one too, who would have thought that we had such good taste.

About Jim's ear, one of my mom's ears produces a lot of wax, and her hearing get affected by the build up. She goes to the doctor and he professionally cleans the wax out of her ear. Sometimes her build up is so gradual, she doesn't notice the hearing loss. I suggest you get Jim in to the doctor, it could be an easy fix.

Cody wants to get a super short clipper cut on Tuesday when Brian shaves my head. I just want a nice young man hair style on him, but he insists. I told Cody that if he is going to get a clipper cut, he has to get a mohawk with me first. We will post the photos to my blog.

Thanks for the book, I am going to try to do some reading this weekend.

Congratulations on your new boob, I am jealous, but really happy for you., wish I was at that point in my treatment. When I get my new boobs they are going to be super perky!

Deb F.

Anonymous said...

i must have missed it somewhere...what is debbie's blog??