Saturday, January 5, 2008

Messing with templates.

I decided I needed a new look for a new year. Although I should be talking about my body, I am talking about my blog. I have landed on this one for now, but may change my mind again. Don't think I am creative--these are all templates that someone else has created.

Winter break is over,which means getting up in the morning. I have slept terribly this whole break. I am reading a good book so there is some consulation to that.

Jim's cousins from Hawaii were here the last two days and Keanu, a 14 year old cousin who is son of Jim Hill, who is Ginger's FIRST cousin, got together withJosh and they had a grand time snowboarding and hanging out with Josh's friends. the family had been skiing in Lake Tahoe so we warned Keanu that Swiss Valley is more of a hill than a mountain but he ended up liking Swiss better because of all the friends they made. Jim Hill is from South Bend and moved to Hawaii and married a local Hawaiian girl named Eileen. Jim manages many awesome hotels on Maui. Anyway, we only see them once every two years (Two of their 5 kids graduated from Notre Dame) but Josh and Keanu are like best friends whenever they meet again. Keanu is named after HIS cousin, Keanu Reeves. (yes, the actor) I didn't even know Keanu Reeves was Hawaiian!

We all have colds in this house. I of course think I have a sinus tumor but everyone else has a simple cold.

Off to Andrew's game against Clay. It would be a really nice win if we can beat them. We have a good handle on Class B/C schools but getting Clay would be great!!


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Mimi said...

Hey Molly,

Quinn is totally spent after boarding all day yesterday with the boys! He says it feels like he has arthritis! (How in the world would he know that?)

Missed you at the Project Graduation dance Friday night. People were asking as to your whereabouts. (I reference your blog of 11/17: "save the date".) Anyway, know that you were missed.

I like the new template. This one is better than the one you had up yesterday.