Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A blah Tuesday in January.

I am laying on the couch, knees up, wireless laptop on my lap. Just woke up from an evening nap. Today was doctor day, as I had my last injection and also had to take Andrew to the orthopedist for a very sore shoulder--something that has been bugging him since this past summer.

Dr. M's visit was quick and efficient and a celebration of sorts since it was my last expansion. He hugged me goodbye and about died when he felt my boob during the hug--he said "wow, that feels like a rock!" DUH. We laughed as he couldn't believe how bad it was. Right now, my upper back muscles are spasming, but are tolerable. I go back to Kalamazoo 2/7 for the implant placement. While there I couldn't think of any questions, so I guess I must be ready. Either way, it's going to happen.

Then I went back to work for a little while and then had to take Andrew to South Bend Orthopaedics for a shoulder consult. Dr. Balint thinks he has something called SLAP and it has to do with his bicep "peeling" away from the bone during certain motions--mainly throwing the football. Jim is mainly concerned about throwing the baseball since Andrew probably won't play football next year anyway, but we don't want to take any chances with baseball.Luckily, Andrew says the motion is worse with the football. ANYWAY, he has to have an MRI at the end of January. Just another thing to worry about!

My sis got me some lotion for Christmas that I am loving. It is Cherry blossom from Bath and Body Works. I just smelled it on my arm and felt the need to give you some smellainternet.

Josh had now decided to go to the Winter Formal and does NOT want to wear any old shirt of Andrew's so that means a trip to the mall between here and Saturday. I told him his indecisiveness is driving me nuts!

Kristina, I too have been sort of non-motivated and energy sapped--and more than normal concerned about returning cancer. Today I am ok, tomorrow who knows! One thing that helped was that Jim took Andrew, Asaad and Dan Holland to indoor hitting and it made me think SUMMER and BASEBALL!!!!! Even though January isn't just half over the sight of andrew's bat bag and glove in the middle of the floor was heart warming and reminds me summer is just around the corner. Maybe our spirits will lift then.

Have I confessed I am a reality show junkie? So yes, tonight I am glad American Idol is starting again. I think the best part is that I am home, wrapped in a blanket and warm. My feet froze all day today.

Since I really am not saying much, I guess I will go sniff out some dinner. i have no clue what anyone else ate tonight, so I guess I will be eating PB and J. Andrew is studying for his AP Biology exam and Mr. Straight A joshua is at the girls' basketball game. He has his math final tomorrow and has already figured he can get like a C on the final and still get an A in the class. he has missed NO points on any test so far this year so he thinks he has it covered. : )

Love to you all. Keep praying for everyone--and Debbie, you are in my thoughts tonight as I believe your surgery is tomorrw. In this case, just say YES to drugs.



Betty said...

Molly, With that blah Tuesday behind us and the sun shining off the snow it is now wonderful Wednesday. Gotta love Michigan!

It was good to see you yesterday if ever so briefly. Had lunch today with Jim R. and ran into Bill K. and Bob W. enjoying a 2 hr. lunch. Gotta love retirement!

Been busy with Hunter Ice Festival planning. This weekend is supposed to be cold so ice sculptures should be great. Again, gotta love Michigan!


Kristina said...


It was a year ago today that I got my cancer diagnosis. I cant believe it has been a year and what a year it has been. I am just so melancholy today overwhelmed with emotions and sadness and relief that it was a year ago but that what a sad, hard year it was. I am optomistic for the future, or least trying to be, but I constantly fear the cancer returning. I have my six month mammo next week and I have such dread and fear leading up to the visit. I am so afraid they are going to say that it has come back and the roller coaster ride will start again. I am sooo depleted of any optimism and hope. I feel fat, ugly and unhealthy and feel as if I have no control over changing any of that. I used to feel such power and strength in my body, I was such an active healthy athlete and I cant seem to get back there. I know it takes time and I am trying to be patient with myself but today I am just tired and sad and angry at what the cancer has done to me. I guess I am having a little pity party, hopefully it will be over soon. Maybe after today I can start moving forward.

Thanks for listening.