Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A 2 is uplifting, but who ever knows???

Thanks, Debbie for your blog address. I am having issues with "cookies" for some reason but look forward to reading your journey. I think no matter how we slice it, those of us who have cancer have similar fears, triumphs, sleep issues, family concerns, etc. It really interesting watching the human spirit of cancer survivors. And I am glad Debbie found blogging, as I know how much it helps me.

Today I got an email from Valerie, my ACC breast cancer sister in California. Speaking with ACC/breast people is always interesting since we are so unique. Anyway, she said that her oncologist told her that her chance of recurrance of her cancer on a scale of 1-10 is a 2! Granted, her tumor make up may be different than mine and I know for sure her tumor was smaller (I haven't found one bigger) but it still made me happy. And lately I have re-read the research that ACC/breast does have a more favorable prognosis than other cancers--but, as we all know, the ODDS mean nothing because if it is you, it is 100 percent.

We just had to drug Shade as thunder is coming through. She looks sleepy, but happy. Josh and I are doing a bit better with our stuffy nose issues, but he still looks awful but felt the need to go to Powderpuff volleyball tonight. I fear when the juniors play the freshmen my two will probably break out in a major Brawley brawl. Can't wait to get that phone call.

Jimmy is rubbing my feet right now.

Let's see, Bronson called today for the usual pre-op questions. The nurse read me my previous EKG test results (remember, I was abnormal) and was a bit alarmed because my unusual heart rythm "could not rule out a heart attack.' UH...what? But she called back later and said they looked at the other tests from a few years ago and remembered its just my weird heartbeat. I forgot about that so I too got a little alarmed. I also had to call for all of Andrew's MRI issues tomorrow. Jim will be taking him...which is a first and is very hard for me. (I decided I am needed at work as we have professional development) Anyway, Jim is taking him to Memorial for the MRi and now they are telling me they may not have to sedate him. That would make me feel better. Andrew claims not to be claustrophobic, but how do you know until you are in a tight space? jim's worst fear is all the paperwork. i reviewed our address with him just to be sure. : )

Have you noticed some of my letters are not capitalized? I am using my laptop and the keyboard is whacked. Our family PC got a virus from the internet and is in for repairs. I use this laptop for much of my post-graduate work but Josh uses it a lot too and gets ticked when I want it.

My mom is grumpy again. She is none too happy that she basically can eat only clear broth today because of her colonoscopy tomorrow. She (seriously) said "they are slowly starving me to death."

Not much else to say. Weather looks icy and cold for tonight.

later gaters--


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sheryl said...

Hey Molly Brawley,
Snow Day???????
I am also thankful that Debbie is blogging.

Jimmy, you are so sweet!!!!!
Watching American Idol. Can't wait for all of this pre stuff is overwith.

Molly you are still AMAZING!!! I enjoy eating lunch with you. You inspire me!!!