Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ava is our little angel.

Ava has gone on to heaven. Tracy, Ava's aunt, is updating her webpage. Ava fought until the end,but passed away peacefully in her parent's arms.



Anonymous said...

God shared one his angels with us, AVA. Im sure your friendship and continued prayers are what will keep the Zimmerman Family 'coping'.
God Bless,
Amy Archer

Theresa Flint-Suseland said...

Molly -

Thanks for the updates on Baby Ava. I continue to pray for you and your health as you continue your battle.

Take Care,


Anonymous said...

God never gives us anything that he doesn't think we can handle. For whatever reason, he has chosen AVA to be a lesson to us all that we should trust, have faith, and remember that he loves each and everyone of us.

Our prayers will continue for the Zimmerman Family that they may find peace knowing their little angel has gone home.

Peace Be With You!
The Dennis Lowrance Family