Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter Formal update.

Just a quick hello. Winter Formal was a success. Heather and I had our usual laughs...poor Jimmy got dissed by Josh when they went to Pizza Hut for dinner...Josh says 'why are you parking dad?' and Jim says 'well, I am going in' and Josh says "uh, no. Do you really have to?" Anyway, Jim came and had dinner at Joey Armadillo's with us and we had fun. josh and his 30 some friends stayed at Pizza Hut.

Dresses this year are what I call "baby doll dresses". Kait was absolutely stunning. Andrew was his typical handsome self (if I don't say so myself) but Kait was so adorable in her 'sherbet' dress. I wish I could show you Josh in his pink shirt and white tie but I only got a shot on my film camera...and only after I said "you have to let me take this picture for Grandma Kalamazoo (my mom)...she has cancer and wants a picture of you!" We did laugh at the freshmen...while I was there, Josh was literally running around. He did tell me this morning that he danced but waited until I left. It's interesting to watch the maturation level of kids. There were some there looking like 25 year olds and some looking like 10 year olds. But it was probably the largest Winter Formal I have been to...the -1 degree temps didn't stop anyone!

I am glad the kids have no school tomorrow. Josh has already gone back to bed and Andrew will be heading there I am sure as soon as he gets back from hitting practice. He was out way too late. But luckily, no one has much homework so sleep for two days will do them good.

The great thing about the dance last night was enjoying it and now worrying about cancer coming back. I didn't think of it once. So, that answers my question as to what to do to avoid worry. The answer is STAY BUSY.

My mom had her port put in Friday and as always, did great and says although it is tight, Tylenol is all she needs. I just pray she does well on chemo. She did learn that she does NOT have to have radiation, as the cancer did not spread as they previously were concerned about. But I think chemo starts next week.


Anonymous said...

You stay busy? Hard to believe, haha! I dont know your mom, but Im guessing that she must be where you get your strong spirit, and if thats true, shell do great. Stay strong and busy! Ps Kate and Josh looked fabulous! Of course :o)
Amy A

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant Andrew and Kait....