Saturday, January 19, 2008


Brrr is the word of the day. Fittingly, this weekend is the Hunter Ice Festival here in Niles, and tonight is the high school's Winter Formal in South Bend at the College Football Hall of Fame. I think it is a whopping 9 degrees right now. I just plugged in the iron for both boy's dress shirts. Do you think they should know how to iron by now? 'Cuz they sure as heck don't. Neither does Jim come to think of it.

Our dryer broke Thursday. Doesn't that suck? Luckily, my Stanley's appliance got it fixed like they always do. We really need one of those super duper 26 pairs of jeans dryers...

If you read my comments lately, I hope you see Kristina's. My lovely Kristina, my ACC twin sister in the breast cancer world, is going through what I bet all cancer survivors go through...we just can't trust or have peace in our lives it seems. Sure we have a few good I am having a good day...but I can hear her sadness and fears in her words and so understand. Kristina, your mammo is going to be CLEAR and so will any chest x rays. In the practical sense, our ACC doesn't come back quickly for the most part, so I think you truly have a reason to celebrate a year of survivorship. I know your life has changed--gawd, don't we know that--but try to think of all the good things right now. And then say FU%$ CANCER. (sorry, that is the closest I have come to saying that bad word, but FRICK IT doesn't sound right. ) : ) but darlin', I know exactly how you feel! Today is a day I won't think about cancer but even though Kristina and I haven't met, I am feeling proud of her and thank goodness we have met. She as always gives me hope.

First semester is over and Joshua has gone and gotten himself a 4.0 grade point average. His grades were amazing, and his work ethic outstanding. Andrew did fine too...pre-calculus will hopefully be his lowest grade...and he survived AP Biology. This by far has been his toughest semester. But I am proud of both of them.

Tonight I let Jim off the hook regarding going to the Winter Formal and am going with Heather. We are going to take Josh and his buddies so we can check out all of the girl's dresses. The boys just wear shirts/ties (no suits or tuxes) so it isn't as much of a big deal for them. Andrew has to drive Jim's Suburban as all 4 couples in his group want to drive together, and since Heather and I have to cart 4 boys, I will have to drive Andrew's truck. I just feel bad for the girl that has to get in the back row seat of the Suburban! I think Jim will probably enjoy his time away from us...

Happy birthday to Muhammad...what a great man you are and talk about PURPOSE! I see tonight they are broadcasting a bunch of Mr. A's old fights so I bet Jim will watch them. Muhammad has such a sense of peace about him, and his purpose in life is so clear. I am envious of people who know who they are and what they stand for. I was hoping at 40 that might happen to me but uh, no.

For all of you who know Andrew and any of the Brawleys, you know most of them are not too fashion savvy. Andrew looked cute as a bug yesterday as all varsity basketball players have to get dressed up, but as usual, he didn't tie his shoes. (yes his DRESS shoes) And then last night, during the varsity basketball game, he was at the line shooting free throws and the referree made him stop and tie his shoes. THE DUDE IS 17 years old. Will it ever get better? : )

Iron is now hot.

Stay warm.


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