Monday, March 10, 2008

$4000 at stake

Don't you just love a job that is so busy you have no idea what time it is and then it is time to go home? ENOUGH ALREADY. Week #2 of craziness started today. Checked a kid for lice (she was clean) stopped a minor fight and inadvertently got hit in Boobie (she didn't pop, thank goodness) But had fun watching all of our kids who did well this weekend...Kenyon won state...Taylor Robson won Mr. Blossomtime...our cheerleaders took first in a national competition (although Andrew tells me they were the only team in their division???) and we had three students who won state for FFA. Cool beans. Minor things like lice quickly disappear. ( I am the resident lice checker...the other AP is terrified and won't touch it! Lice is no big deal checking it, especially at the secondary level, where were rarely have it) Just another day in paradise.

Made meatloaf for dinner. Both boys are at baseball tryouts. Josh is so gosh darn excited he couldn't contain himself this morning. Josh does not have the exposure that Andrew has had in terms of number of games and competition played, and obviously needs to grow, but he is pretty good too! Andrew, for the past hour, was showing his swing to his dad...nothing like walking through the house dodging a metal baseball bat!

Tomorrow is the big STATE testing, starting with the ACT. I remember taking the ACT on a Saturday morning, the night after homecoming, and not caring two hoots about it...and I was an honors student! I truly think we have prepared the kids as much as possible, but who knows. I keep telling Andrew to predict his opponents' arguments in the writing part of the Merit Exam...I have told him so many times I think he wants to shoot me. He is NOT a good test taker but says he feels confident, particularly about math--which scares me since his PSAT math score was lower than we expected as is his pre-calculus grade...nerve racking! I know Andrew can get into a state school, and that is fine by us, but in case you didn't know it, in Michigan, you can get $4000 if you meet certain standards on the test. Money for college, of course. So I want the $4000! : ) Josh actually gets the day off.

I see Dr. Messinger tomorrow. I wonder if Boobie has "settled" enough? Wonder if yet another surgery is in my future? I really don't know what to expect. And again, March 24 is mammo and chest x--ray. I am scared of course.

All for now...need to mash the potatoes. House is quiet with both boys gone. I am sure Jim and Shade are snoozing on the couch.

Over and out.



MadCityMike said...

Good Luck tomorrow Molly!

Betty said...

Miss Molly, Still using a Q-Tip for those head checks? Not something I miss in retirement. Tell Taylor and Kenyon congrats. Ah yes, I remember my days of coaching cheerleaders. (Long ago when they only did sideline cheers - but another thing I don't miss in retirement) Congrats to the NHS cheerleaders too.
May your appt. with Dr. M. go well.
Will be thinking of you.