Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sloppy Joe Spaghetti

Thank goodness the craziest week of the year is over...Friday came and by 3:00 p.m. I was almost asleep at my desk. I was out of there by 3:10 and asleep on the couch by 3:45...woke up at 6:00--Jim and I watched two good movies--Fracture and Babel--and then I was asleep by 11:00, with BOTH kids home, sleeping as well. A wonderful Friday night. We even had popcorn!

Babel was very interesting. I remember it was a Best Picture nominee but knew nothing else about it. It reminded me of Crash with an international flair. Fracture was a repeat for Jim--he watched it on the plane while we were grounded at Logan International-- while I talked that doctor's ear off about my cancer--remember that? It makes me smile thinking about it! (Josh said he could hear me talking so loud--he would hear "pain in boob" "doctor says I have large breasts so lumpectomy should have been ok" etc. ) You know me, not too shy about the mamms!

Today was a car wash day. I think I am Hot $%^# driving around in my clean black Malibu. Not to be braggin', but DANG, I have a lot of people comment on that car. Rather strange. And like I said, I think I am just too cool in it. (can 45 year- old overweight, saggy boobed assistant principal be cool??) HA!

Oh! I have forgotten to say...March 22 will not work for me for the Chicago or Bust trip. Andrew has a baseball tournament, believe it or not. I know you are thinking "miss a damn tournament chickie poo", but I just can't. And with my luck it will get canceled anyway...but if he does play, I want to be there. With Josh playing freshmen ball, I will have to split my time anyway, so this way I can see Andrew play. He is working so hard...Jim says he is hitting the ball very well and has been having this guy named Tex who throws HARD come and throw to Andrew and Dan Hollland. They are finally getting that curveball down. Can't wait for baseball!

Yes, I cooked today. Mind you, it was just sloppy joes. I have craved them for about three weeks and last week Jim decided to make some but he is on this "use every thing in the 'fridge and pantry before we buy more food" kick and we ended up with what tasted like spaghetti sauce sloppy joes with bbq sauce thrown in for good measure. So, that was somewhat disappointing for my craving. And then, since most of us didn't eat those 'joes, he made spaghetti sauce out of it and yes, we had spaghetti that tasted like sloppy joes. But I can't really complain since he is cooking, right? Then he made what he called venison stroganoff, which was actually venison alfredo because he found some alfredo sauce deep in the caverns of the pantry. So that wasn't very good either. (he does not read my blog so I can complain here) I of course try to be polite but the kids tell him straight up "yuk, what is this???" ... Anyway, I made "normal" sloppy joes today and also made him his favorite, favorite thing, cheesecake. Cheesecake is actually very easy to make--I follow a recipe from the Food Network from Tyler's Ultimate shows and this cheesecake IS really yummy. It's just your traditional cheesecake--my favorite--but Jim always puts fresh strawberries on his. It is baking right now, but then has to cool for 4 hours.

I keep checking the Michigan High School Athletic Association website because we have a senior who is wrestling for the state championship today. He is a heavyweight and came in 5th last has been many years since Niles has had a wrestling champion--it would be so awesome if he were to win. Even second place is remarkable! We had two other wrestlers go as well but neither placed...but we are very proud of them.

Shade and Jim went for a walk in Zech's woods--looking for deer antlers (called "Sheds" because the deer shed them.) Shade is attached to the hip to Jim--loves him as much as I do.

Hope all is well with all of you. I have my worries of course but am just tired of thinking about them.

Until next time.


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