Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Putting out fires--literally.

Toilets set on fire. My life as an administrator--never a dull moment. Yes, someone set a toilet on fire today in the boy's restroom. The toilet is not worth a crap anymore. (SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry, but I couldn't resist) Caused lots of excited kids. Now there is a big ol' sign plastered on the door offering up to $5000 reward for the arsonist. We will get the person I am sure.

Jim pulled a calf muscle trying to be Michael Jordan the other night. He is walking around upstairs like Fred Munster----drag, shuffle, drag, shuffle. Poor guy can't walk. Love him.

My mom is still kicking cancer's booty--not having any issues with her chemo so she says. She does have this awful problem with her fingers "splitting" in the winter time so the chemo nurses got her some good cream called "Nu skin" or something like that and she loves it. She swears it is not from chemo but it sounds pretty bad. She is the oldest person at her chemo sessions. Everyone else was under 50.

Work has been insane. I am still not sleeping all that well and need every minute. I know I should be over this whole surgery thing but want to sleep in like crazy. Tomorrow is Breakfast of Champions--Josh got a 4.0 so he gets to go (don't ask about Andrew) so we have to get up even EARLIER than our normal 6:15.

On that note, I should go to bed. Sorry so short and boring. Oh, please add Ron O to your prayer list. Ron was diagnosed with colon cancer (STage III) His wife Sandy is a secretary at Northside and they are just super people. Ron is a tough nut so I bet he will fight this like crazy!

Hugs to all of you...



MadCityMike said...

Such excitement to have missed! Keep up the fight, will soon be Spring Break! :)

kristina said...

Hello Molly,

Love reading your blog, so look forward to it each and everytime. I totally get the sleeping in thing. I keep wondering when I am going to get my energy back like it used to be. It took forever to stop the daily need for napping and even now I feel like sometimes I could just sleep all day. And, then of course when it is nightime I toss and turn sometimes. My doctor's keep telling me it takes a long time to recover from all of this cancer stuff and to be gentle and patient with myself. Very hard for me to do but I am getting better at it, slowly one nap at a time. I try to take each day as it comes, resting when I need to and not overwhelming myself with things to do. Saving my energy for the kids and work. So far so good, I even started exercising again which was a big part of my life before the cancer and I have had such a hard time having the energy to start that up again.

Keep on keeping on.
Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Missed you at Breakfast of champions, but there was sure a lot of people there! The sleep is getting to all of us, can hardly wait for time change~YUCK!
Will be adding Ron to our growing prayer list. Have a long relaxing weekend!
Amy A

Betty said...

Mol, Always a hot time at NHS, but this has got to be a first!

Congrats to Josh! I'm sure Andrew is not far behind. (Saw him at Brigadoon last Sun.)

Glad to hear your mom is doing well. Is "Nu Skin" available OTC?

Nice to read in the SBT that Allison Boelcke spoke to Breakfast of Champions. Great message. And Allison Hayes too - Wow!

Ron has been added to my list.

Take care.