Sunday, March 16, 2008

Community efforts

Feeling worried today...I have this spot behind my new boob that aches...could be muscle pain, could be asthma type symptoms (I keep sneezing), but is just a pinpointed pain...and of course I think tumor. Ok, I feel better now that I have typed that.

What a beautiful sunny day. The frost on the ground is a bummer, but at least the sun is here. We colored Easter Eggs yesterday at John and Ginger's; Bill, Robyn and Lizzie were in town--they are on their way to Holland, Mi for another Young American's tour--they just got back from Australia. Andrew missed out the festivities as he was sleeping from an early 6 AM baseball practice (parents love that as we get our kids home earlier!) but everyone else was there for the most part, so it was its usual craziness. The younger Brawley off shoots are so darn funny. Today, we are all having brunch so once again, I don't have to cook...well, breakfast anyway!

I forgot to tell you all that my mom couldn't do chemo for the last two weeks because her white count was not where it needed to be...doc was not worried at all...just says the chemo is working...but he doesn't want her to get an infection. She says she feels fine, but I haven't seen her. I hope to go up there over Spring break, but if I am honest, I am scared to think about Spring Break as I am afraid Dr.Ansari will find lots of bad things at my March 31 appointment. I am glad my break is pretty much after that appointment--if it's bad, it's bad, but if (WHEN) it is good, I will really be able to relax and enjoy the time off.

Andrew has a baseball game in less than a week. I will be shocked if he actually gets to play it. Not sure why they schedule them so early, but the season is a short one as it is. But who knows with Michigan weather--it might be 70 degrees!

As you may or may not know, a teacher here in Niles was on Oprah's GIVE BIG show and recently completed his "mission" of raising money for a needy cause. He chose a family here in Niles who was in financial trouble because of the death of the father by suicide, and their 10 year old daughter who suffered from a rare illness that requires much travel and drugs, etc. The premise of GIVE BIG is to raise as much money as you can in one week--this teacher, and this small community of Niles--raised $60,000 for this family. Is that not amazing?? I was so proud that the high school raised $2600 at our "throwback carnival" (cotton candy was the biggest seller, along with the cake walk). It warms my heart that this community can do that. Doesn't surprise me, though--I see it all the time.

Testing went well. This junior class is sooooo good. Not sure how smart they are but they sure are well behaved! : ) The testing is just so tense--I hate to see the worry on the kids' faces...especially some of our Special Education kids who know their 4th grade reading level is certainly a detriment. But it is over.

Ginger finished Pillars of the Earth--it's off to Aunt Georgia and then I plan to read it as soon as I finish the book I am reading now. I keep reading these quick reads so I haven't gotten to it yet. Ginger said it was incredible.

Laundry day. Nothing else to report in this domestic life of mine!



MadCityMike said...

Hang in there Molly!

WendyP said...

thanks for visiting my blog Molly - I am sending to your from across the other side of the world, my love, hugs and prayers for your appointment on the 31st.