Friday, March 28, 2008

A bit calmer.

Ok, I needed to write again to say that I think I am feeling better about things. My worries are all still there but I just feel ok. Sorry about the dramatics--I don't mean to be that way but cancer does that to me.

I wish I could always put on an awesome front but tonight I couldn't.

Again, I am doing ok. Getting ready to go to my safe haven of my bed to read a new book I got today. You will think I am crazy(ier) but the book is about sea turtles. It is quite sappy but takes place in the Carolinas and I am enthralled with the southern east coast these day.

Thanks for listening (dear diary). (HA! I used to write that back in the day!)

Smooches to all of you.


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Kristina said...


I totally get your fears. Once you have cancer it is sooo hard not to be worried about it spreading and every ache and pain starts up anxiety and fear. I have good days that I almost forget what I went through last year and then an ache or pain I havent had before or new symptom starts up and I get totally freaked out and angry, sad and upset all at once. Life will never be the same again. Not worse, not better, just different and I try to make the best of each moment whatever I feel. Dont apologize for what you feel, be where you are at and feel the feelings. None of them are wrong they just are.

Love you,