Thursday, March 20, 2008

Potato chips, red eye, and snow storms.

How ridiculous is this impending snow storm we are about to get? 6-8"!!! Is that nuts or what? And we were supposed to play baseball...which is sad...and also no chance of a snow day as snow won't come until after we are in school. Actually, I need to be in school tomorrow as I have so much to do on a small timeline.

Tailbone hurts again and I have what in psychochondriacville is like a liver tumor. There. I wrote it down. Now I must move on.

Jim Brawley makes the best potato chips ever. He is a french fry freak but one day made some awesome potato chips instead and they are so yummy so I ask for them often. That's all I ate for dinner. No wonder I am so healthy.

Prom preparations are beginning. Kait and Andrew are going tux shopping this weekend. Prom is April 18 at the Century Center in South Bend. I have chaperoned...well..let's see...21 proms. I think I missed one year when I was preggers with Josh. It is absolutely amazing that my own son will now be in attendance. I do not know "after prom" plans...eek!

My mom's chemo scores were much better (as in normal) so she is back, doing her thing with the drugs. She has two red dots above each eyebrow that are considered a side effect. Nuts.

As you know, my tumor surgery back in 2001 left me with two syndromes--one is this first bite syndrome and the other, which I talk about rarely, is called Horner's Syndrome. If you see me in the afternoon my right eye is usually red and a bit droopy looking. Both first bite and Horner's Syndrome are caused by the severing of a nerve in my neck when they took out the tumor. The nerve could have possibly grown back together but hasn't. Why I am bringing this up now is that in a moment of googling addiction (I need a 12 step program for sure!) I googled both of them and for the most part, my schwannoma was listed as an underlying cause, but you guessed it, ACC was also listed. Now, the OLD me would have panicked, but the SMART me knows that surgery caused this, not the ACC or really even the schwannomma. But damn, why I am I so flippin' strange? Horner's syndrome is rare of course, but not to people who have their necks slashed open. I was thinking today that I need to slice my body in half vertically as all the bad crap is on the right side.

Tonight is a good night to feel those boobies...feel free to recruit a loved one if necessary.

Happy trails....


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sheryl said...

The feeling of the boobies!! Where is P.S. when you need him.