Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today I embarrassed myself so badly at lunch I still can't stop blushing. I can't share the whole story but it involved me confessing to needing my parents to help me in the bathroom when I was about five. So that doesn't seem all that embarrassing, but I just blurted it out like I was telling people about eye color or something mundane like that. The looks on their faces STILL make me cringe. GAWD, sometimes I forget I am "Boss Man Molly" (as my friend Jenny says) and I say the DUMBEST things. Anyway, we laughed so hard we cried.

One week from today is MY testing. Still some lung/chest/asthma type pain and of course my ear and glands in my face hurt. But remember when I thought I had cancer in my hips, gut, back etc? That has pretty much resolved itself.

Everyone is at baseball freezing their cleats off. Jim is helping Coach Vota if I hadn't mentioned that before. He is so excited but that puts me in charge of dinner. Which means we are having left over steak for Josh, Spinach Salad for Skinny Jim, Asian Chicken and Rice for Andrew (out of a box) and cheesecake for me! : ) Sounds good, doesn't it.

Are you all as broke as we are? It's freaking me out a little bit. You would think with two college degrees in the house we would be smarter and spend less. And I don't feel like we spend money on stupid things but apparently we do since I am not sure where our money is. I keep telling Jim it is gas prices. He says it is eating out so much. But I like to eat out... as in "I have cancer, can't we eat out?"

Hmmm. I guess that is all!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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MadCityMike said...

Sorry Molly, I have to agree with Jim. Living on my retirement income ("Broken Income", as Don calls it), I can really tell by the end of the month (pre check) when we've eaten out too much. And yes, making dinner (the decision of what to make is a pain at times, HA! ALL the time) gets tiring......and with everything your family has going on, it is even harder. You have a balancing act to deal with. :)