Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Still need to "settle"


This is a quickie.

Testing went very, very well thanks to awesome teachers. When I arrived back from my doctor's appointment, I saw a car parked in front of the school that had the State Department of Education placard on its side...uh oh...

So I find the other principals and learn that we were picked to "monitor" (randomly they say) so we had a guy with a clipboard going from room to room making sure desks were three feet apart, kids had no water bottles and the appropriate calculators, etc. It had to be absolutely nerve BUSTING for those teachers...but, guess what? NO ERRORS! We passed with flying colors and around 1:00 all kids were done.

Andrew did NOT seem as confident coming out as he did going in...I hate when he says "I did alright"...that means bad usually. He did say he felt best about science. Hmmm. We shall see. Tomorrow/Thursday is two easier tests and then a regular school day. All the juniors get school off Friday for their efforts. Andrew is planning to hang out with his girlfriend and hit the mall. Josh has to go to school but had today off.

Dr. M's visit was once again uneventful. We need two more months to "settle". In the next two months I have to decide on if I want a nipple and if I want him to make Mr. Pizza Pocket to LOOK better or to FEEL better. I think if it looks better it will feel better. It's almost like having something under your armpit--ooops, I don't say armpit--I say axillary area, remember?

Also had the toofers cleaned today. Nothing too exciting there...when you have cancer, even a trip to the dentist is a victory. As you know I examine my mouth for salivary gland bumps about every time I look in the mirror. Dr. Lisa says teeth are good and healthy.

Hi Ed. Ed is my friend I went to college with who said he is reading my blog. I think he is probably just looking at the pictures so this is a test. Ed was, and continues to be, one of the funniest people I have ever met. So there you go Ed, props to you!

Mike I., I love hearing from you. Remember all our lounge chats? Me being paranoid about everything and you saying RELAX. We still laugh about lunches, etc. Some things never change.
I do like my male readers but have to remind myself not to get too specific about nipples and saggy boobs. (ah, that is so NOT true...don't care who reads about them...or even sees them for that matter!)

Going to make some soup. Only Shade and I are here for dinner. She is having this really yummy dish called PURINA DOG CHOW, and I am having Italian Wedding Soup and long grain rice.

Love to all--



MadCityMike said...

Ah, yes....fond, DISTANT memories. :) (especially when I hear that "Testing" is going on....) :)
Oh...and just a comment about "boobs, nipples, pizza pockets"....they certainly don't bother me. :)

Debbie said...

I am a little slow about responding, but do Ron & Sandy O live on Huntly Rd? I would like to send him a card of encouragement, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer 10 years ago and it was Stage III. She is cancer free and healthy today with no long term side effects from the colon cancer. I know that your mom will be ok after the chemo.

I have a cold with a bad cough, not good because of chemo, my body can't fight off the bad germs. I got my fake boob on Monday, Sheryl got to hold it Wednesday night, you'll have to ask her what she thought. 40DD is definitely Double Dang, and needs to be reduced to a C. Are you happy with your C's? Do the sit high enough? Just need to know if I should ask for super perky when I meet with the plastic surgeon.

Good luck with the last day of testing. Cody is looking forward to having Friday off.

You are in my prayers for a great Dr. appt. on the 24th.

Deb F.