Monday, March 24, 2008


What an agonizing day. In a nutshell, I DO know that "reduced" cancer -free boob "looks great" according to the radiologist. And that man must have taken hours to read the thing or so it seemed. I even had to go back for additional views. The problem was that my OLD mammos are of BIG UGLY FAT breast and the new boob is smaller so he had to do some comparing of apples to oranges...or rather watermelons to muskmelons. Nevertheless, all is good with that boob.

And that is all I know so far. They took my chest x-ray and it too seemed like it took forever to tell me the films were terms of a clear shot--NOT that they were clear. Those films will not be read until later. I swear (when I was waiting for her to come tell me she needed no additional views)that she was calling all the doctors in to look at the big, huge mass in this lady's lung...your mind just goes nuts. She did carry the film with her when we walked to theboob squisher area and the one part I saw looked clear, except for this HUGE white looking thing in the middle that I am guessing was my heart...she said she had to take lateral views for that. At least she wasn't hiding them under her shirt or anything.

It was just agony letting my mind wander. I tried to eavesdrop on all the nurses thinking they were calling Dr. Ansari...gawd, I hate that! The good thing is, coming home, I felt relief. But I still don't know if my worst fear will be realized and that is again causing some angst. But at least there is no cancer in reduced boob. One small victory.

And then even if my lungs are clear, I worry about the ache in my liver area, my jaw, my tailbone,...I just need to go on some heavy drugs I think!
Seeing Dr. Ansari should help with the crazy worrying. That is one week from today.

Thanks for listening. I think I can move on now. Well, at least until after dinner.




April Meek said...

I hope that you get wonderful news. Waiting is the worst!

Take care,

MadCityMike said...

As always..."well wishes" from WI!