Monday, July 14, 2008

Ava's blood drive

Monday morning and what a sunny, warm day. Days like this should be bottled and sold.

Camping was fun as always. We arrived Friday night and set up, and later had hotdogs and fried walleye. I bought Jim a new deep fryer and he was loving it. He beer battered the fish--I avoided it--but my hot dogs over the fire were wonderful. The Hollands had pizza over the open fire and that was quite good too. I also made strawberry shortcake. During the night the rains came and everything was SOAKED. We just let the kids sleep in and cooked under the awning. We had biscuits and gravy for breakfast and although the weather report said rain until 5:00 that evening, it actually stopped around noon and ended up being a glorious, cool breezy day. Jim was wanting BLTS for lunch so I started frying bacon early, and it was taking forever on our little propane stove, so Jim decided to deep fry it. Get this--it was fabulous! I thought it sounded horrible, but it went so fast and was a lot less greasy than mine. We will cook it that way from now on--when we need to cook a lot that is. ( we also cooked some for Sundy's breakfast, which was bagel/eggs/bacon sammies.) Saturday night we all had shish kabobs that were great as well. Nothing like cooking over open fire. We also had the proverbial s'mores, and Dave Holland made yummy homemade strawberry ice cream. We got home Sunday afternoon and slept well last night, but Jim and I have decided sleeping in our camper isn't half bad because the AC keeps it so cool. Love it.

Still haven't gotten my test results from Dr. T yet...I think the mail is here but I literally can't get out the front door as the doorknob broke off last night when I was locking up. I need to fix that soon!

Josh was such a big help yesterday with tearing down the camper that I promised him lunch today at his choice. As of last night, he chose Olive Garden. Andrew was in charge of the dog but didn't so much, but I will allow him to come to OG if he wants. : )

I have decided I have too much time on my hands and this makes me worry about cancer. Never would I think i would want to go back to work, but I'm getting there. I just love sleeping in so much.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention this. Jamie and Jamie Zimmerman are sponsoring a memorial blood drive in honor of Ava Christine. The drive is July 29 from 2:00 pm until 8:30 pm at the Niles Inn here in Niles. I can't give blood because of my cancer but certainly would if I could. If you want an appointment, call Jamie at 269-695-1476 but walk ins are welcomed. If you have never given blood it is really easy and painless. I used to give blood all the time and was about to start giving again but read that cancer survivors can't give blood until they are cancer free for five years. I am not sure I would even give then, since my cancer can lay dormant for so long, but we will see. But if yougive, you will feel so good about it, it will honor Ava, and most importantly, you could be helping someone in a time of need. Please take the time to do this.

Don't forget to cop a feel with yourself tonight if you haven't lately. If you feel anything weird, call your doctor.

Much amore,


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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for advertising Ava's blood drive.
I know that I am not in your situation and so I couldn't possibly understand what you are going through. However, I know your fear of a life threatening diagnosis. I know the hopelessness that you feel and the wish to have your old, naive life back. I know how hard it is to appreciate the present when the future is so unclear. I know what it feels like to be told over and over again how strong you are and to wish to God you didn't have to be. That you could just fall apart without upsetting everyone else. I know how exhausting it is to try to hold it together all of the time. I know how it feels to wake up rested and happy for just a moment until you realize that this is your life. Like you said, thank goodness for medication!
I am so sorry that you have to live with this illness and still try to make the best of it. It must be so frightening.
Just want you to know that I think of you often and pray for you each night. Hoping the test results are good.
Leaving you with two quotes.
I have a saying on my wall that reads "HOPE: When the world says "Give Up" Hope whispers, "Try it one more time".
I also read one in a book that says "Sometimes all you can hope for is that tomorrow will seem more hopeful." (By the way, have you read the book "If I could just see hope?")
Love you , Moll!
Heart Hugs,
Jamie Zimmerman