Friday, July 18, 2008

Still a padiddle.

Change of plans.

Pizza pocket is gone. No nipple however. Dr. M said that he was remiss in his discussion with me about my nipples and should have told me he needed to tattoo the area FIRST--which he didn't have the materials to do, so no tattooing and no new nipple as this appointment. No biggie in my book, what's another three doctors appointments? : }

But we did slice off Pizza Pocket. What hurt me was all the injections of the local anesthetic. I felt like he was just poking poking poking all over the area. I think he poked me at least 20 times. One time the vial that he was using popped its cap off and the drug splashed all over me and my face. He quickly wiped my eyes but it was all ok--just kinda funny. Then, when they were using a cauterizing tool, it had a short in it and sparked at the wrong end. At that point, Dr. M had to laugh was just a comedy of errors.

I could feel him doing something but it wasn't painful. When he was sewing me up, he had to put more local in as it was hurting me a tad. I did get to see the tissue/fat/skin they took out. It looked the chicken fat. Of course they have to send it in to be biopsied (ugh!!!!) but the only thing that I am telling myself if there is ACC in there, it HAS to come out, so this is a good thing. If there is ACC, I am sure radiation would be a must, plus more surgery. Dr. M wasn't even sure if there was breast tissue, but since they send everything in anyway, this was a good precaution.

So, here I am with a bandage, no nipple, and just a slight bothersome feeling near my boob. I get to take a shower tomorrow. I see Dr. in two weeks for a recheck and we will schedule tattoo then. Then, the tattoo settles, and a month or so later, i can get the sewn nipple if I want. Maybe the tattoo'd area will satisfy me? who knows.

That's it from Reconstruction Central.


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Jen said...

I'm so glad you're home and that it all went fine...comedy of errors and all. We have to do lunch and do some further catching up...soon!!!

Love ya~