Monday, July 7, 2008

It's hot out there.

Hello. I had a pap and a pelvic today so that shows you want a wonderful day it is. HA! My doc tried to even things out by telling me about prostate exams, but there still has to be a better way. I told him I expected nothing but "normal" on my report. My inner gut tells me it will be abnormal just because that is the way things seem to go for me. Drat.

TMI, I know. Just wanted to set the stage for my mood.

Actually, now that it is over, I feel somewhat relieved of course. My blood pressure was very good,which surprised me. We will see how it is at the dentist this afternoon. (yes, I have my second least favorite appointment this p.m. and they always take your blood pressure)

I posted a few photos from Summer UP 2008.

Next Friday is surgery day for the new nipple and the slicing of Mr. Pizza Pocket. The more I think about it the more incredulous I am that this should be done in his office. That same weekend Andrew's baseball team is playing in the State playoffs so I hope to still be able to attend. Dr. says ice will be my friend, and I am used to walking around in a drug induced stupor so maybe I WILL be ok.

Kids are all sleeping. Josh had four friends over and I think they are all still asleep. In an effort to save money, we have the windows open instead of AC, but it is getting hotter and hotter and even I may suggest we turn the air on....

I wish Andrew would wake up. He sleeps all morning, gets up for either football, basketball or baseball practice/games, then leaves to go out with Kait or his friends, and comes home at midnight when I am asleep. I think he is definitely a teenager.

We are going camping this weekend and I think I am the only one who wants to go. I think Shade will like it. We are going with two other families but the boys, Andrew especially, does not want to go. It's only for two night, geesh.

TTFN. It's time to eat breakfast.

Love to you all.



Jen said...

I miss you!!!!!!!! Its good to read your blog. I knew you must be out of town when I didn't get a return text upon our return. Call me for lunch soon!!! If I don't talk to you before your surgery...good luck!!! I'll be thinking of you.


Debbie said...


I am going to the Survivors Dinner with Relay for Life and our church is a participant. So we should be there for much of the weekend.

Dr. Zucker said that part of my breast is a "dog ear" and he may have to remove it when he installs the permanent implant.

Do you have 2 implants or just one? I have not asked Dr. Z what he plans on doing in Phase 3. I can only handle some much information at a time.

Glad that you are blogging again. I missed reading your words of wisdom.

Have a great week - I feel that your pap results will be o.k. - Our dark clouds need to move on to someone else :)