Friday, July 18, 2008

Baseball, vampires, and nipples.

Baseball is over for us. First time since Andrew was six that we aren't playing baseball in August. Not sure what we will do with all our time but Andrew seems ok with it all, and not having to wash uniforms every single day is nice too.

I have to mention the new book I am almost finished reading. It's really a teenager's book but Pam recommended it. It's called Twilight and is about teenaged vampires. It is very intriguing....I can see why teens love the love story --but it certainly isn't what I would normally read. But I must admit I really like it! I even googled it as there is a movie coming out in December. I was curious to see who was playing the parts...the female lead is exactly like I imagined, while the male lead is a bit too creepy for my imagination, but I am sure I will go see it anyway. Not anything that I would have ever picked for myself that is for sure. But if you are open minded, try it!

Today is "get yourself a nipple day". And "goodbye Mr. Pizza Pocket day". Haven't thought much about it to tell you the truth.

I will post later to let you know how it goes. My surgery starts at 2:30 in Kalamazoo. I am glad i get to drink and eat prior! : )

More later.


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Anonymous said...

Thinking about you today. Hope that all goes well.