Sunday, July 20, 2008

We got a bleeder!!!!!!

A small set back Friday night...I was reading in bed and Jim was watching tv when he noticed blood all down my side and all over the sheets. So we got up to get me cleaned up and I felt very dizzy and very close to passing out. But Jim got me a cleaned up--we decided it was from me laying on the side of the incision--and with cool wash clothes and some orange juice I felt better. Poor Jim--we had just gotten back into bed and Shade puked all over the upstairs hallway. I did have to laugh because he was running around in his boxers taking care of the ladies in his life.

So Saturday I basically hung out in my pajamas most of the day. I took off the outside bandage and it still looked pretty bad under the steri-strips--lots of blood. But I was able to take a shower and there seems to be no new blood so...

The interesting thing is Dr. M gave me no pain meds, no discharge instructions, etc. so i don't know if this is normal or not. But I don't feel all that bad so I guess it is ok. I am hoping the steristrips will just fall off as they did with all my other surgeries.

If I am honest, I am thinking a tiny bit about the biopsy. What if they find more acc? But i know the answer is that it is good that it is out...but would scare me that my margins really weren't clear.

Not sure what i am going to do about a nipple now. The reason I decided to get one in the first place was because it wouldn't be a separate surgery from pizza pocket. As of now, I am just thinking a tattoo so when I see myself in the mirror it will look somewhat the same.

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Debbie said...


My Plastic Surgeon told me to use paper tape on my incision for the chest expander. Maybe you should use tha kind of tape on the pizza pocket incision.

I will look for you at Relay for Life on Saturday.

I enjoy reading your blog.