Wednesday, September 19, 2007

13 months after diagnosis. : (

Just when I feel good about things...

An ACC/breast website touted a man who had literature on ACC/breast that he gladly emails any one who asks. So of course I ask and he sent about 150 pages worth of documents--many of them old, but interesting. Nothing too surprising in them--very typical of the literature I have read but I am still sorting thru it all and printing, slowly but surely.

But then I see that he has sent a letter with this info, which I was glad about because I don't know who he is or why he has all this stuff. I was hoping he was a physician expert on ACC but it turns out he is the husband of a woman who had ACC/breast. She died 13 months after her diagnosis.

That scares me to death. He did say that most ACC/breast is very indolent (slow growing) but that his wife had the aggressive kind of ACC. He also urged anyone to get multiple opinions about the tumor.

Glad I am going to Ansari tomorrow. I did email him back and as nicely as I could asked him for her story...not sure if he will email me back. I am praying, so so selfishly, that she had mets even when she was diagnosed, etc. I just want to be different than she was.

Heavy heart tonight. But tomorrow is another day, I suppose.


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Sue Phillips said...

Of course you're different than she is! You've proven over and over that you're different than everyone! As Josh says, "uncommon" is your middle name. I think "uncommon" and "different" are pretty much the same thing! Lots of people praying for you sure can't hurt either. I am definitely one of those people and we ALL think you're incredible!

Sue Phillips