Sunday, September 30, 2007


What a fun weekend. The Vikes lost, Notre Dame lost--but the Cubs win! We had a fabulous time at the game--the ballpark was amazing. Our seats were on the third baseline and were great. Jim got the tickets from a friend of ours in Ohio who is hunting buddies with the Reds' bullpen coach so we sat among friends/family of Reds' players--BUT, and this was the most incredible thing about the game, 80 percent of the stadium was filled with CUB fans, not Reds fans. I think these two women behind us were going out of their minds because it really ticked them off when the stadium was overtaken by screaming, crazed Cubs fans. I think Dan and Tyler, the kids' buddies, were amazed as this was their first Cubs game. We also had a nice dinner out with our friends, who have two daughters around our kids' ages--so the weekend was good. I am sleepy from a long car ride but otherwise doing ok.

Now, though, poor Andrew has a stomach thing going on. He was very ill this morning when we left the hotel but his stomach has quieted down now. He is missing football film study and is sleeping instead. He doesn't look very good but maybe it was just ballpark food that set him off. I just want him better for school--his schedule is too tough to even miss one day.

Kelly, I am so sorry to hear about your neighbor! I think he is in great hands with Dr. Messinger however. My sister and all of her nurse friends says he is the best in the area.

Also, in case you haven't heard my friend and colleague Jamie had a beautiful baby girl this weekend--Ava Christine. Ava had to be transferred to U of M for some heart complications and will require surgery soon. It sure puts my illness into perspective. Please say a prayer for both Ava and her mom and dad to get them through this ordeal. As Heather, Jamie's sister, and I discussed, life doesn't discriminate who gets the curveballs, but without family, friends and faith, life would be even more difficult. Ava is gorgeous and has lots of dark hair. U of M will take good care of her I am sure but prayers are always beneficial!

Still half time next week. I can't decide if I should be back full time. Although it has only been three weeks I think full time would be ok, although I do tire easily. Doesn't matter anyway--I could only talk my doctor into 1/2 days regardless. Another fill up Tuesday--I sort of want them to just fill the whole thing up to get it over with...but know it is impossible.

Staying strong and appreciating what I have--


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