Monday, September 17, 2007

Will work for sanity. Got food covered.

Going nutso...too much time on my hands, too much alone time, too much internet. Went out to lunch with Betty today, ran some errands, and my family is almost home. Good.

I NEED to go back to work. My plan is to ask both Doctors this week if I can do 1/2 days next week, then go back full time the following week. Knowing I can take a day/morning off if I am tired for some reason. Who knows what this disease could bring in the future and it is crazy to be sitting at home while I could be at work, doing almost 100 percent of what I have done before. (I would guess that I won't be able to run down the hall, but with a good bra, who knows!): ) Plus, I am facing more surgery in about 3 months and I need to save my sick time. And, although NHS is running fine without me, it would be better if I were there, and I would be much better. So that is my plan. I also think I can now drive with no problems.

Kristina, my breath of clean air, thanks for posting. I agree that you need to get the chest x-ray or chest CT. I am going to ask my onco. to go over my most recent ones (I had two done in the last 12 months for a different reason) and although I do have one area that they have called a "granuloma" for 13 years or so, I want to know everything that is on there. I too hate the MRI's--I actually take Valium for mine and seem to do ok, but the sweating and laying flat on your face is not fun. But nothing is worse than waiting for results. Reason enough to take that Xanax!

Today the varsity baseball team sent me some hardy mums and in the flowers was a Save Second Base shirt--I know either Nancy or Annette did that so THANK YOU! When Betty picked me up for lunch I had my shirt on and she had her shirt on. At Varners a lady asked what it meant so we told her--she loved it. Betty, brave Betty, had the pink one on with the baseballs right above her boobs--and she wore it proudly! I give her credit and will be less afraid to wear mine. (I still don't have a fake boob yet so I don't want to call any more attention to Ski slope and Pizza Pocket just yet) Tomorrow I may go looking for new fake boob bras, along with the chicken breast rubber thing that serves as my boob.

My Joshie is home--yippee. So darn cute is he. Will post more later.

trying to stay sane...



Betty said...

Molly B, Okay so the baseballs were above, so what! As I recall, the lady at Varners, at first, simply asked me about my balls:) I'm 67 and my bases are full-- what can one expect -- besides I thought that pink color looked pretty darn good on me.

Glad you have Kristina to chat with. She seems so down to earth and an additional inspiration to those of us reading your blog comments.

Thanks for lunch. My mums look great on our porch. Hug Josh, write that paper, and enjoy your walk tomorrow.

Love, Betty

Jen said...

I'm all for your return...but only if it can be done healthfully! Miss you!


sheryl said...

Hey Molly, I haven't told you how amazing you are lately, so here it goes. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!

Miss you at school but agree with Jen, make sure you are healthy. Too many germs floating around.

I will never eat a pizza pocket again!!