Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Not much to report.

I will go with the no news is good news theory right now, but I am still not off the hook with the whole EKG thing yet. Tracee did call from Dr. Nancy's office abut 11:30 a.m. and said they did locate an EKG from back in the day (1998? Don't even remember that one) and she was sending all the reports to the anesthesiologists to review...and if they have concerns they will call her. Otherwise, if I don't hear from her I am to assume things are a go for Friday. She also told me that "I don't change surgery dates" so even if there is an issue, she would have it taken care of by Friday--in other words, I would get cardiac clearance either Wednesday or Thursday. (I would guess if I am about to have a major cardiac infarction or some deep vein thrombosis of the major heart valve (I made those things up) they would not go ahead with it) Tracee said she didn't think anything was a big deal based on what she knew, but I doubt she can read EKG's...anyway...who knows. What I do know is she hasn't called after this a.m. so I will take that as a positive.

Mr. Hicky Rash is better again today, but towards the end of the day when I was a hot, sweaty, frizzy principal it did start to redden up a bit and itch. I cheated and put more cream on it when I got home and will do so again tonight after my shower. But for the most part, it does look better. It certainly isn't anything that I, with my University of Google medical degree, would stop surgery over. I just don't like how it comes and goes...but I guess eczema can do that, as well as mean ol' cancer...you know the mind game that I like to play.

School was a success from all stand points today. Josh was a bit grouchy about "YOUR school is sooooo hot!!!" and about teachers whose syllabusses (what he said) are so negative...but that Spanish, Graphic Arts, and oh yeh, Gym will be great. He thought lunch was ok too. Andrew says all his classes "are not all that scary" and he seems happier than happier for some reason. He is working on his binders as we speak, without me telling him to... Says he has a chance to play some downs this Friday so maybe that is what is making him happy? Or maybe it is a girl? Who knows? Maybe it is pre-calculus? I am sure that is it : )

Is it strange that I am actually looking forward to Friday? When I had my neck tumor out in 2001 I cried the whole way up to U of M. Wonder if I will be that way early Friday morning? Jim and I have to leave at 4:30 a.m. to ensure we are there at 6:00 a.m. Ok, now with my excitement, watch us have to cancel. But then maybe I can see Andrew play. Ok, mind is being dumb again.

I need to tell my hubby what I want from DQ. It is a family tradition that we have DQ the first day of school.

All of you have a GREAT night--will update you all tomorrow.

3 days and counting. Prayers are flying even more now!



Mimi said...

BOO-YAH! Two nights in a row I get to be the first to sign in! :)

I would say that "no news is good news" is the policy to go by today. Knowing the medical community, that is how they function. No matter that you are at home majoring in medical-delay-trauma-induced-stress from the University of Google! I still have "J" on stand-by if we need him.

Hey, didn't you have an EKG as a pre-op before your neck tumor surgery? That is a little more recent, and could also be used as a comparison. Just a thought.

Did I tell you about the book I read? Its called "Middlesex". WOW. Very involved book, great story, unlike any book I've ever read before. Angie has it right now, but I'll bring it over for you while you are recouping post-op.

Glad to hear it was a successful FDOS. My boys both made it through, too. Hope tomorrow goes well too.

Keep me posted on the EKG thing.


MIL Ginger said...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, your FIL and MIL have been busy getting ready for the bear hunters. For those of you who do not know what this entails, this is an age-old primitive hunting technique consisting of carrying a 5-gallon bucket full of donuts, molasses, sweets, and candy along with a gallon of oil and some liquid smoke scent into the Ottawa National Forest by way of a small path--300 yards long. When you reach the end of the path, you gather some logs and rocks, hide your bait under the logs and rocks and hope a bear finds it. Then you turn around and walk out of the forest carrying the empty bait bucket, hoping the bear doesn't mistake you for the bait! John (FIL) has actually entrusted two baits on the route to me. I drop him off at his bait, drive a mile down the road, and go towards my bait. On the way, I loudly sing this song: It's just a walk with Mary around the subdivision. The bear I see in front of me is really just a vision. But if the vision rises up and growls at me, I'll throw this bucket at his head. It's the last he'll see of me!

We've actually seen a lot of animals in the woods; two skunks in our bait pile, two turkeys, and a porcupine on the path, along with less menacing deer and partridge. Although, it is scary when they jump up under your feet. It sounds like a John Deere tractor taking off!

It's great being up here in the north woods with our friends, Donna and Riley. And it's nice for FIL and me to spend some time together. Although, I want to be home to be better supportive for you, Molly. It's really frustrating to be a parent and not being able to make things all better. I hope all goes well on Friday. I know you are in good hands.

This cancer scare really reminds us all of how fragile we are, and how we really need to take care of ourselves and each other. We love you, FIL and MIL

P.S. Aunt Georgie says, "You guys are really blessed to have such great friends like Lois and Loni." Georgie says everything that can possibly be done is being done. That makes me being here a hell of a lot easier. Thanks you guys! You're the best!

Vikki said...

Hi Molly,
I understand why you are not as scared as in 2001. Because after Friday you will not have cancer anymore. Just think a week from now you will be on your way to healing. So bring on Friday and we will all send you the most positive healing waves. You have a army going with you to surgery.