Thursday, September 6, 2007

Show and Tell.

I may do two blogs today as I predict as the day goes on I will have a few anxious moments. Plus, later I will have gone to Dr. Tackett and I will be able to report to you all if I will STILL be going to Dr. Tackett after today. I am much calmer about the appointment fiasco last week but still will address what his policies are.

I am really feeling ok, but leaving school today was a bit hard so I just up and left without saying goodbye to too many people. Jim K. tells me they are now going to try to find someone to fill in for me--which is fine, as I know a fourth administrator can only help, but for the most part no one knows what I do and I won't be there to help them figure it out. But it is fine and I totally understand why they are doing it--and anyone can process discipline referrals. Luckily, I got most things done early so it shouldn't be too hard. But I am coming back ASAP that is for sure!

Today I did show and tell with some friends in the bathroom. I know women are always curious about things so we did a showing of the biopsy scars--both the lump and the sentinel node scars. I just want people to KNOW about this stuff so it isn't so scary to us. I think women are more worrisome anyway and dispelling the fears can only help. I will also show my mastectomy scars later--I never want anyone to be scared if this happens to them. (well, I want people to be less scared at least)

Bronson called and they want me to report to Outpatient Surgery instead of Inpatient Surgery tomorrow. Surprised me for a second but I am guessing they only have one desked manned that early in the morning.

More later.



lori brawley said...

We wish you the best of luck tomorrow!! I will be thinking and praying for you ALL day(in between teaching, grading and testing...)! Just look forward to coming back home and recovering!!! You might even get a cookie! Do they give you Zanax for your ride up or during your wait for surgury? That would be nice!
Hang in there and we'll see you back home.
Love ya,

Betty said...

Dear Molly, Hope all goes well with Dr. Tackett and at least get some answers concerning the rash.

I'm sure leaving school today was tough goings. As those anxious moments arise, remember that this is the step you've been waiting for and you've gone through this waiting period with grace and courage. You've taken us along with you on your journey, taught us much, and set such a solid example for us. As we both know, you're not the first "show and tell" in the HS bathroom:), but as the true educator you are, your seeking the "teachable moment" by sharing and thus easing others' fears is both courageous and remarkable. Sheryl is right -- you are frigging awesome!

Hemingway said, "courage is grace under pressure". You are "Sister Molly Full of Grace".

You've got my love,thoughts, and prayers Betty

altergott said...

Hey Molly,
We'll all be thinking about you tomorrow. Wish I could have been in the bathroom when everyone checked out your boobs. What a riot! I had a dream the other night that you had your tattoos done to look like giant flowers with the nipple as the center. In my dream you were showing them to us at a party and the women were all going gaga over them. You should think about this as you could probably make an appearance on the tv show LA INK when you have it done.

We love you Molly,

Kelly said...

Sister Molly, Full of Grace...It works, I love it. You truly are an inspirational woman. All of us are thinking of you, praying for you, and loving you!

Laurie Sipocz said...

Hi Molly! I'm Laurie, Pam's Diamond Girlfriend. I've been reading your blogs. You are a beautiful woman with such strength! You're also a very funny girl! (Ever thought of doing comedy central?) Pam also keeps us up to date. I just wanted to say that I wish you the best tomorrow! We'll be thinking of you! Laurie

Yolanda said...

Dear Molly,

I am sorry I have not been on your blog lately. I have been crazy as usual. I can't tell you how hopeful I am for you and how emotional this day has been for me as well knowing you will be having surgery tomorrow. You have been on my mind throughout the day. It only makes me realize how easy it is for us to sit here and type in all kinds of things that we feel and hopefully will make you feel better but how really hard this is for you--the one who has to face the reality of what is about to happen and what happens once this is over.

Think only happy thoughts tomorrow and as you go under think of good memories and happy times and all of those of us who love you, family and friends. You will have a room full of guardian angels watching over you during the surgery and an army of people who love you, waiting for you to open your eyes and say. "It's O.K. I'm fine and I am going to live a long and full and happy life." As Vikki would say, leave the cancer in the hospital in the operating room. Once this is over, you will be free of it and it will no longer be a part of you.

You will occupy more mind space tomorrow than you might of intended but it will all be positive and I pray all that positive energy reaches you and gives you the comfort and reassurances you need, 'It's all good!"