Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gone. (I bet you guessed that!)

I am now a small C on the left and what looks like a bony shoulder blade on the right. We are praying that I am cancer free!!!

I am home and happy to be. I think I went to heaven--which I will explain later. Got home abut 11:30 this morning. Everything went very well. Dr. Nancy was "aggressive" in what she took out, including a piece of my chest wall, so Dr. Woody had a really tight space to put in the expander. They did not doing any expanding yet for that reason and because they want to wait to see if I need radiation. : (

The left side (small,perky boob) hardly hurts at all. I swear to god he moved my nipple up four inches! Now the right side is still painful--mainly when I move--it feels like major muscle spasm and since I now have a total of 5 incisions, the whole chest area is a bit sensitive. I have one drain; it looks like a grenade hanging from my pajamas. It is there to siphon off all of the fluids that were in the other breast. I have to empy it four time a day--it seems gross at first (which it really is I guess) but it is easy to do. I do have to measure what comes out, plus clean the insertion point of the drain. The rest of me is covered by bandages.

Luckily, sister Sue is here and is doing this all for me. A nurse in the family is great. She also has made dinner and is taking care of the dog. (Jim and the boys went to a family birthday party)

Now let me tell you about my little piece of heaven. I have the VERY VERY best friends I have to say. I came home today to a clean house--and I don't mean a "picked up and swept" house but a CLEAN house. My windows were all washed, the curtains were all washed, every nook and cranny is dust and dog hair free, all the carpets were clean, and get this--I have all new bedroom linens, new king size pillows, a pillow that allows me to sit up in bed, the softest throw you could ever have. Plus, there are baskets of soaps, lotions, creams in my bedroom and kitchen. And then today I had three bouquets of flowers delivered so I am surrounded by nothing by beauty and cleanliness! A little birdie told me Lois and Lonnie are to thank--girl, you think of everything!!!!!!! What a perfect way to come home. It was so the icing on the cake, as I
already felt good about everything...this just made me feel even better. (When Jim got home from our victory over Kalamazoo Central (WHAHOO!) he saw the bed and so wanted to get into it after a long, long day of surgery, hospitals, and high school football. But, and this is just the sweetest thing, he didn't get in it as he couldn't do it without me there.) I love that man more than words can say.

I am still a bit sleepy so I am going to keep things short for now. I am so blessed to know all of you and to simply just be here.


Betty said...

Mol, So glad you're home and that all went well. Jenny kept me posted throughout the day and called me from half time of the game. Love those happy calls.

Listened to the game (1st half kinda confusing, but Larry & Erica got 2nd half through clearly--- heard Andrew's name so knew he was in there. Wasn't that your alma mater? Vikings sure took it to them! Danny's got to be pleased.

Had also talked with Lois so knew you'd be coming home to "house beautiful". Meals will start Monday with a taco bake. Menus I've heard so far sound yummy. So far there are over 20 participating so there'll be lots of new recipes to share.

Omigod, four inches! Girl, at 102 you're gonna look like a 20 year-old.

Again, glad you're home and relaxing in your own digs.

Love, Betty

sheryl said...

Welcome Home. Lois and Lonnie are the best. What a wonderful thing to do for you!!!! Jimmy you are the man. I hope you are receiving visitors tomorrow.

Lots of happy thoughts!!!

altergott said...

Just saw Jimmy and the boys at the b-day party and was so happy to hear that you're doing well. Lori and I are sending dinner on Monday so you just relax in that clean house and let everyone take care of you. Jeff is sending his love too!!


lori brawley said...

When you said that you had seen heaven, I did get a little glad that it is in your bedroom!! I'm jealous of that gift!! Take care and I'll see you soon,
love ya,

Anonymous said...

Oh Molly, I am so glad that you are home (although I wish that women did not have to leave the hospital so quickly after these surgeries - damn insurance companies!) and that you have a clean happy house to recover in. Take care of yourself!

Alicia (Lurker)

Jen said...

Welcome home!!!! I look forward to keeping up on your stories of recovery on your blog, but I hope to talk to you soon!

Rest well, friend!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear all went well. I agree with Lori about the heaven comment. I thought you meant you saw that bright light people talk about having seen while coming out of surgery. Tell Jimmy that Coach Gunder is very proud of the good husband and father he has become. Still praying for good reports.

The Gunders

Meg Comerford said...

So glas to hear that you are home and recovering. I will be checking the blog to stay updated on your progress. Enjoy all the love, attention, and help people are giving you.