Monday, September 3, 2007

It is a school night. How sad is that?

Rash is still there, but was getting much better but suffered a minor setback last night for some reason. It looks a lot like a hickey right now. It was getting paler but is redder today, but not "raw" looking like it was. Tired of thinking about it.

I did not have a heart attack this weekend so I am praying my EKG comparison turns out ok. I am guessing I will hear from Tracee tomorrow while at work. I am prepared to pick up and leave to go to a cardiologist if needed. Sister-in-law Pam works with cardiologists so I am hoping I can get same day service. : )Really haven't thought much about this aspect, which is rather ironic on the balance scale: HEART vs. hickey rash?? Silly me. Numerous people have told me that this happens often, but as Josh put it "uncommon" is my middle name so watch it be something that has to be dealt with. But as Vikki says, it is better to find out about it rather than having a damned heart attack! She is so right.

Your comments have made me laugh, hope, and laugh again. Many of you have asked who SHERYL is. We have decided it is Sheryl Crow, the well known singer. She is a breast cancer survivor too, ya know. Sheryl Crow has permission to use the F word whenever she wants.

Camping was the best...lots of laughs and good food...good, crazy friends. The kids, although getting older, still seemed like they had a great time. Jim and I took Shade for many walks and enjoyed eachother's company. Made the traditional roasted marshmallows and brown bears. Sad to have to put the camper away but fall is in the air.

Congrats to the Vikings, who won 33-7 Friday night. I had a feeling they would win because nothing could have made my day WORSE than a loss. Andrew is permitted to play this coming Friday--not sure if he will but he had paid his pennance at least. Just so glad the kids won. I know Danny is thrilled and everyone felt so good about it.

Still planning on keeping my already scheduled appointment with Dr. Tackett this Thursday. I want another opinion of the rash if it isn't gone, plus I need to have prescriptions filled, but the last thing we will talk about is office procedure and what I can expect as a patient. Most likely, I will be looking for a new doctor unless he can convince me it was just a bulldog receptionist and not the norm. Thanks for all of your suggestions for doctors. I originally picked Tackett as he was in Niles, but I now know why locals go out of town--for better service! Two local doctors have let me down. Not good.

Feeling like the surgery IS going to happen Friday. I haven't allowed myself any thoughts of it this whole weekend--just worried on the rash believe it or not. I will re-read my mastectomy chapters just to remind myself about what will happen.

School starts in less than 12 hours. Are we ready????

Get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast....



Mimi said...

Molly Elizabeth,

I wish I could just say, "quit worrying" but, alas, that just isn't you! I really think the EKG is fine -- like I said, my T-waves have been inverted for a long time. Go figure! :) But, I have "J" on standby, just in case!

If I don't hear from you by about lunch time tomorrow, I'll try to call you at school. Do you still have my pager number? Try that first to contact me. (574-472-2234)

Good luck to your Jr. and Frosh Boys! Ugh. I hate that they are all growing up. Grant is killing me with this whole Sr. thing this year. At least I get a trial run with Grant before both Bryanna and Andrew graduate at the same time. That is really going to suck.

My 6th and 4th graders are both showered, lunches are made, clothes and backpacks are all laid out, and I'm ready for bed -- but their late-owl summer has them wide eyed and not nearly tired enough for bed. Too bad.

Hope your first day with kids goes smoothly.

Have a great day tomorrow!



P.S. I am so getting one of those "save second base" shirts!

Kelly said...

WOW Molly, I took the kids to Maryland for a few days on the Chesapeake Bay...and your personal hell just got worse! I agreed with Sheryl Crow~ FUCK!

Hope your first day with kids went great and kept your mind busy.

Get this, as of this morning: I have a Junior in HS, a 6th grader in Middle School AND a kindergartener!! (Meant to do that just so I could have one at every level!)

Sending prayers and love~ will hope for a positive update tonight!