Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Counting down and feeling good.

You know how I said Tracee would NOT call me unless I needed to see a cardiologist? Well, she lied. She called me today around lunch time and said that anesthesiology has cleared me for surgery--she called only to put my mind at ease. (I panicked when my secretary said she was on the line) So, anyway, that is good news. If I had the energy I would have pursued what the problem with the EKG was but right now, it isn't a priority.

I also, again, told her about my thumbprint rash and she said she would discuss it with Dr. Nancy and call me back. It really is a lot better but still there in its hickey/bruise like-self. Tracee did not seem to be worried at all. I told her I see Dr. Tackett tomorrow and he too can assess it and call if he thinks it is anything to worry about. Because the rash is better, my mind is a bit better. (Trust me, if it wasn't above a cancer ridden boob I would never obsess like I am. This obsession makes some people call me a hypochondriac, but since I've NEVER had it before, AND it is on a cancerous breast, I feel entitled to obsess a bit)

But dang, now it sure looks like Friday is coming!!! Eeek. Be careful what you wish for, right? Nope, I know this is the part of the battle that HAS to happen for the war to start to end so I am preparing as much as possible. Everything I have read about the mastectomy sounds fairly easy with the exception of the drains hanging off of me, but the expander process sounds a bit more painful. Some liken the pain to a charley horse and say that "narcotics" are needed for the first few days, and then ibuprofen or Tylenol after that. My neck surgery, while not really painful per se, wasn't all that fun because I was soooo uncomfortable and weak. That surgery was over 4 hours and Friday's is about 3. Don't know too much about the reduced breast issues either. Regardless, I just keep hoping this surgery will be better. But like I said, I am hopeful the cancer will be gone gone gone and I can start moving on!

As Friday nears I am sad about not being at school. Today was absolutely so busy and perfect for me to help solve issues and work with kids. I also so enjoy seeing my kids. Josh walked up to get some paper for his math teacher (his uncle of course) and it just made my day seeing his shaggy haired, toothpick body coming up the hall. Andrew is still Andrew and visits me for money. : )

Get this--our little school store is selling cookies with pink M&M's and giving all the proceeds to the American Cancer Society in my honor! THAT is why I tell my story to everyone...such good stuff can come from this if we let it. I have a cookie in my honor. That is just too fun. I also wear my little pink breast cancer band every day now--I feel like it protects me in some way.

All in all, today was a great day, although a hectic one. I took a few moments today to think about why I am not scared out of my mind about all this and came up with the answer that I am just lucky to have such great people in my life. From people I work with, to friends, to my dog, and my family, I am just lucky.



Patricia VanDalsen said...

Goodness, Molly!! You have been in my daily thoughts and prayers.I wish there were something special I could get for you or do for you.I wish you the best of luck Friday. I will keep in touch. Love to you and your family, Pat

sheryl said...

Molly you are amazing!!!!!!!

Patricia VanDalsen said...

Hi, Molly Dolly!! Just couldn't sign out without calling you "Molly Dolly!!" Buena suerte siempre!!!!!!!!!!!!! PV

kristina said...

Hey Molly!
Sending my best thoughts to you. I know I was feeling pretty good before the surgery too. Excited to get the process started and get the darn cancer out and start the healing. I will keep you in my thoughts all day today and tomorrow. Everything will go great and you will do fine. You having so many amazing people behind you.

Good luck!!