Friday, September 28, 2007

A sunny day

Doing great today. Glad the weekend is here and we are going away. Yippee. However, we first need to beat the Huskies tonight at Portage Northern. I so want to win, just for Danny's sake. He hates losing more than anyone.

My filler boob is not big enough I have decided. Today I had to put extra tissue in there to make it not so noticeable. But perhaps as I "fill up" it will look better. I also heard from yet another teacher today whose cancer has moved to her lungs. She visited a Cancer Center in Illinois and is extremely upbeat and happy with her treatment there. But gosh darn it, HOW MANY OF US have to suffer through this? Again, though, her tumors are treatable. I may talk more extensively about her time at the Cancer Center to see if there is a chance I should go to get a second opinion. At least it is closer than MD Anderson in Texas, or Sloan Kettering in NYC.

Ear is better, but still aching. I am a nutcase, certifiably.

All I can say is GO VIKES---GO CUBS--and at least score Notre Dame.



Kelly said...

Hey Molly~ 2 out of 3 ain't bad...Cubs win! ND does find the end zone. The cubs have been the only thing keeping my husband out of a severe depression...between his team and has been rough!

Some sad news...Our neighbor was working on his car Tuesday and he literally ignited. He has burns over 65% of his body, it is bad. I am telling you this, because his plastic surgeon is none other than Dr. Messinger--formerly known as Woody. It helped me to make a connection to you. Especially since you do seem to like and respect him.

Hope your ear is much better today. I know you had a great time in Cinci.

Anonymous said...

Molly; How great to be in Cinni when then Cubs clinch the division title!! GO CUBS!