Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go Cubs Go!

Uuuuuuggghhg. My ear is killing me. I have decided to go to Dr. Tackett next week if it doesn't get better. I am so at a loss as to whom to go to--so I have decided Tackett can at least look in my ears and throat and then HE can decide if I need to see Ansari or maybe my ENT. I don't really have any other symptoms of a cold or anything--maybe a runny nose and mildly scratchy throat but... I just want it to be some virus or something, but knowing my signs are similar to salivary gland cancer I get so worried. I also JUST got off an antibiotic, so...And it isn't getting better and gosh darn it, it HURTS.

Other than that, my "being" is fine. School is such a great diversion--and I am glad I picked half days as sleeping in is making things easier. I am loving the smells of fall, and even the earlier sunset gets my family home earlier and I love being with them.

This Saturday we are going to Cincinnatti to watch the Cubs play the Reds. The kids are each taking a friend and we are staying in a hotel, meeting some friends of ours from Southern Ohio--so it will be a nice to not think about anything--except my stupid ear, probably. Do you know I have never had an true earache in my life?

Life is so uncertain. I appreciate being alive each and every day--but goodness, I would like a week without worry! I think I need some more happy drugs. : ) Not really. (well, maybe)

Time to go sit with my Jimmy and watch the Cubbies. He is a nervous wreck about the silly Cubs...

Love to you all--


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MadCityMike said...

Sounds like you need to go to Suite 200 for that earache!
Have fun this weekend!