Sunday, September 9, 2007

Feeling like a queen

So last night I feel more like a queen than I do someone who had a mastectomy and breast reduction. Evening starts with my sister, who went shopping with Jim, and came home and made pork chops with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, brussel sprouts (my request), and dinner rolls--plus she made chocolate chip cookies later! Then, while under the influence of some heavy duty Percocet, I get to sit on the couch and have a major foot massage with a variety of awesome smelling lotions and then a pedicure. (Sue's nursing license requires continuing ed training so she is trained in reflexology, which means she is a great massuese!) Around 9:00 p.m. I head to bed, and fall into the cleanest, softest, most beautiful bed I have ever slept in. I was asleep in minutes and only had to get up once (Jim had to hoist me up a bit) to empty my drains and take an antibiotic. It was so great to be home. ( Lonnie, I know how you were behind all this and can't tell you how good I are amazing and I can't wait to take a real bath with all the goodies! I'm even over being embarrassed about my messy house!)

Then today, Sue helped me wash my hair at the kitchen sink, which was also a moment of pure bliss--CLEAN HAIR! For some reason when I came out of surgery, and basically the whole time I was in the hospital, I never stopped sweating, so my hair was disgusting! I felt so good after the shampoo I went to Blueberry Hill for breakfast with Sue, Jim and the boys. I wore my pajama tops under a big denim shirt, Sue pinned up my grenade drain, and off we went. I ate my whole spinache omellette with damp hair and no make up, but you know what, I didn't care because I AM BEATING BREAST CANCER and there are other more important things to worry about. I am sure people thought I looked rough but I really didn't care.

Today I have tried getting off the Percocet because it makes me itch like crazy. Dr. Nancy also gave me some Darvocet, so I am taking two of those and it seems to be working. I tried one but kept getting what I call the bee sting kind of pain throughout the incision area of the mastectomy and that hurt like the dickens--still, the left side feels fine. Sue peeked at those scars and said they look great. The boob itself seems to lean a bit to the left but sits up way higher than the old one! : )

Drains are working well--I empty it about every three hours. I just have to make sure there are no plugs--so far so good. Sue trained me well so I think I know what I am doing. If not, I have lots of books to read.

One other thing I forgot to mention were my visitors at the hospital. It was so great to laugh with Nikki, Jenny, Jenny and Carrie. My parents thought you were all a hoot. And then, at the Football game, Jim ran into two of my best friends from high school that didn't know I had cancer. They came to see me that night at Bronson and we carried on like we were in high school. Teri and Sue, you guys look GREAT and it was fabulous to see you!!

Tomorrow the kids are off to school without me. I plan to sleep, read, and watch TV. Hopefully, I have had the worst pain behind me--if so, I will say this hasn't been all that bad.

Only one worry now and that is the pathology report that I should get Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't want there to be any signs of ACC anywhere. I want to move on and to get this boob pumped up. No more complications, please!!

You are all so fantastic. Thanks for being here for me.



Jen said...

Hey Mol,

Glad you're feeling good tonight. Nothing makes me feel better than to know you're moving forward quickly. I just know that its down hill from here! Still praying for super good news on Tuesday! How fun to be pampered and there is no better thing you should be doing than letting everyone take care of you.

Glad to have laughed with you the other night. Having just had major surgery, you sure kept up with all the story telling and laughing just like always!

Will be in touch with crazy stories from the office front! I hate not having you there, but you're doing JUST what you should.

Soak up every ounce of all that pampering!

Love ya!

kristina said...

So good to hear how well you are doing!!! Hang in there and keep up the positive attitude. Now all you have to do is rest and heal and let all those wonderful people take care of you, you deserve it! I am sure the pathology will show clean margins and you can continue with rest and relaxation. It is amazing how the little things become so important. Like clean hair and sleeping in your own bed. Nothing better than that! Keep on keeping on!