Monday, October 1, 2007

Ava Christine.

No cancer talk tonight. Just a heartfelt wish that all of us pray for Ava Christine, who is facing a life-saving surgery tomorrow morning at University of Michigan. She is just 3 days old and has some serious heart defects that we are praying the surgeons can fix.

She's beautiful--dark hair, the girl Jamie and Jamie worked so hard to create. She is loved by many people--many people who haven't even met her yet.

When you read this, please say a prayer for Ava, her mom and dad, her aunts and uncles who love her, for all the rest of the family, and for all the people in the world who have ever had a child.

We love you Ava and can't wait to meet you.


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Anonymous said...

Dear God, please take care of Ava today and every day. Please watch over Molly as she gets stronger and keep their families safe and confident in your power and love as they all heal together. Amen