Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nimmy's poem for me

I got home from U of M on Wednesday and found this scrawled poem that Jim had written me while I was there. Just another reason I feel so blessed.

Cancer can't take away your smile or laughter

It can't take away our happily ever after

It can't take away your warmth and love

the touch of your hands

and the fact that

you've made me a better man

It can't take away from our late night spoons

or coming to a theater near you soon

It can't take away Muhammad's lighting of the torch

or Gibby's home run to the right field porch

It can't take away all the young men and women you

have helped mold

It can't touch your mind, your spirit, or your soul.

It can't take away your courage to help others in need

It can't take away Josh's love or give Andrew any speed

It can't take away our wonderful dreams that lay deep down inside

And it can't take away your Viking pride

It can't touch your love for family and friends

And it can't touch that I will never, ever

have to look for my soulmate again.




Michelle Asmus said...

Well, that certainly is something to treasure forever. Thank you for sharing.

Kelly said...

Wow, just wow!

Sue Phillips said...

I can't see the screen through the tears so I hope I spelled everything right!

Betty said...

Way to go Jimmy!