Wednesday, October 10, 2007


If you have read my comments, you will see a post from April, affectionately known to many of us as Brendan Michael Meek's mom. Troy, who is a former NHS student, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Marcia, Troy's aunt, is my beloved secretary. April, Marcia told me this morning and I really wanted to just scream the big F word at the top of my lungs. THIS JUST SUCKS! I am so glad my blog has helped in any little way--I do it more for my therapy and to maybe help someone else--so I recommend you start one for Troy, as many people will want to know his progress and how he is doing. But of course, you will need to feel up to it. If you want any help, let me know, but it is quite easy. I told Marcia this morning that Troy and I will walk the survivor's lap together at the Relay For Life next summer--

Are we in Niles cursed or what? As Pam said, is it our ages? Damn it, no. I may be old but Troy certainly isn't! And today I also found out about another person I work with who has squamous cell carcinoma on her lip, and possible melanoma on her back. She is awaiting test results on this area to see if she needs more treatment. She was also telling me about ANOTHER colleague who has a cancerous mass in her lung. These are all people closely related to the school community. Damn, damn, damn.

The good news of the day--I think it is good news anyway--is Dr. Wolf emailed me back the nicest, kindest, most compassionate email. He told me "not to panic", as my symptoms could be many things, but that he would be very glad to see me and hopes that after our visit he will be able to reassure me if possible. (that "if possible" scared me a bit but what else can the man say?) Now I am playing phone tag with his personal assistant, but I will be going up there. He didn't want me to get any more tests done yet, but wants me to bring a copy of the PET/CT scan. That made be glad, as that tells me he at least thinks that scan should be reliable.

My ear and throat still hurt--this is going on months of off and on pain--but even my mom said it could all be sinus related--something she has dealt with her whole life. I just have to trust my instincts and know that going to U of M is the right thing to do. I am relieved I have made the move to do so.

April and Troy, I promise you will get through this. I will try to keep Auntie M sane and April, I know you will demand nothing but the best for Troy. Please keep me posted and between my missing boob and Troy's balls, we will make quite a pair! But you know, it's just a body part and all will be ok.

Jim is home from hunting so I must welcome my manly man who is coming in from "pure misery" as he just put it. Silly Jimmy, it is raining and WAS raining when you went--what are you thinking! : )

In addition to praying tonight, I want us all to say CANCER SUCKS AND MUST DIE as often as possible. It's just about worn out its stay here in Niles, Michigan.



Anonymous said...

wow, cancer does suck! just the sound of it sucks! just knowing people who have it sucks! to ALL of you out there that are battling it- hang tough! i'll never forget the story that Vikki told me about her childhood when her siblings and her use to stand under the planes that were spraying and be sprayed along with the crops! that can't be healthy. the southwest corner of michigan has a high rate of cancer...i have many thoughts on why this is so. but for whatever reason why, it still SUCKS!

Matt said...

As you may know my mom is a 10 year survivor. I know that you have touched SO MANY people in your time at the school and in the community that you will never be alone!! We have to do some more catching up sometime!!
Matt Fletcher