Friday, October 5, 2007

And people think I am strong....

The rollercoaster continues for Ava, but I am so relieved to say she is still hanging tough and graced her family with her beautiful eyes last night--giving Jamie and Jamie that I WILL DO IT attitude and fighting like hell to get stronger.

Heather called on Thursday and said things were bad--Ava's kidneys were not outputting enough urine--and she was so swollen. But Fighter Ava had none of that and is now producing urine, which is HUGE! And then, she most beautifully opened her eyes and gazed at all who love her, giving them the gift they needed so much.

She is amazing because she is 7 pounds and probably stronger than all of us. Jamie and Jamie too--I admire their strength and love. I am so glad she is in their hands and at U of M.

And me, well, I am ok too. Nothing matters except the health of our family and to hell with the chance of cancer coming back. I have wonderful friends, family, and kids.

Nothing matters more than that.



lambhead said...

You ARE STRONG!!! I will be thinking of AVA and the family!

DYlan and a friend just got mugged in broad daylight coming home from school. they are ok but i am pissed. the chicago police made fun of them basically >:(

Anonymous said...

Jamie, Jamie, Brayden, and Ava,

You are in the thoughts and prayers of your whole Howard Ellis family. We miss you. Ava is beautiful. Miracles do happen. Keep fighting!


Michelle Asmus said...

Please blow Ava a kiss from Dane. He has heard all about the beautiful Miss Ava and we pray for her every day.

Girl Jamie,
Don't forget to take care of yourself as well. Ava needs you to be healthy so you can continue to be strong for her.

As I am sure you can imagine your Howard-Ellis family asks about you daily. We will share Molly's website with them tomorrow.

I miss you!!
Love, Michelle