Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A headache does not equal brain tumor.

Life is certainly getting back to normal. I only think about cancer maybe twice a day, and honestly feel like things are ok...although my ear and throat still hurt, it is not bogging my mind down so I figure it must be getting better. Today I had a hellacious headache and Tylenol took care of it--not once did I think it was a brain tumor. Now that is progress.

Ava had a rough night last night. Heather reports that her issues were typical--the surgeons called it the 6 hour slide--meaning 6 hours after surgery things sometimes take a turn for the worst. But the doctors got her back on a breathing machine and she is doing well now. They warned Jamie and Jamie that THIS will be a major roller coaster ride--she won't necessarily be without set backs. Jamie is doing ok--had to say goodbye to her other son for a few days as he is coming home. The good news is they were able to find a hotel room for this weekend--they weren't able to originally since U of M has a home game...but big sis Heather found one. Then on Monday they move into the Ronald McDonald House. Ava is expected to be at U of M for at least a month--more likely two. But everyone is "hanging tough" and I hope we continue our prayers for her. Isn't she just gorgeous?

Andrew is back at school and at football. Schwew. The best thing is he got his National Honor Society app in early (albeit just one day early) I keep forgetting that Josh attends NHS--he just makes my day when I see him. I am used to looking for Andrew but when Shaggy Joshie shows up I can't help but smile. I am also proud of his academic efforts--he is doing well and rarely needs reminders for homework, etc. WAY better than he was at middle school.

My double pumped boobs have given me very little trouble so that makes me happy, happy , happy because maybe this thing will be done sooner. I still hate bras but Mr. Pizza Pocket and Mr. Ski Slope are U-G-L-Y even under clothes so I have to wear a bra to hold Miss Filler Boob. Perky Boob is doing well despite my leaking episode the other day.

I want so bad to believe I am cancer free. Can I be that lucky??



PK said...

Yes, you can be that lucky !! Keep picturing the healing that's going on inside you; cells in white hats blasting away at everything that's not healing something! You looked good today - color is good; just normal tired at the end of the day. Keep it up.

Michelle Asmus said...

I meant to tell you before you left Ad Staff that you looked WONDERFUL and so did your boobs!!

Kristina said...

I TOTALLY get your fears. I used to be so optomistic about my health, always believing everything would always be normal. Every test I took would come back fine, no call backs from the doctor ever. Now I cant go to a doctor visit without the shadow of cancer hanging over me. I am having some intestinal issues and am sure I have colon cancer. Totally crazy for sure but I cant help thinking that way. I hate this part of myself, I miss my carefree secure optomistic self.

I am right there with you.

Daddy said...

Thank you so much for letting Ava be part of your Blog. She is the best little thing that has ever happened. Keep praying for my hero. when she does get to come home with me, you will be one of the 1st to see her.
I Love You AVA!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Molly, This is Tracy, Billy and Jamies' sister. First and foremost THANK YOU for reconizing Ava and all of the prayers for her and our family. She is definitely a fighter, look where she comes from! I tell her that she doesn't have to give us so much drama but like any other Zimmerman, drama is part of our life and this is why I call her my Lil' Miss Drama Queen. Keep praying, and thank you again.
Love and prayers, "Aunt Trace"