Saturday, October 27, 2007

A plethora of information about nothing.

Hello hello hello. It has been the longest time between posts since my diagnosis. I take that as a good sign, although I will say that cancer is still on my mind of course.

I am still in pain from my latest expansion. Getting up from a flat position is as difficult as it was post mastectomy so I am doing a lot of moaning and groaning. I also notice it at work. Despite the breath catching pain, I am doing fine. It is just a daily reminder that I am going through crap because of a disease I despise.

But, as always, there is a positive. The new boob is starting to look like a boob under clothes. I still have to wear Ms. Filler Boob but last night Jim was commenting on the new boob and said it was beautiful. He is so sweet. I just have these aches all around my rib cage.

Still suffering from allergies I think. I truly haven't noticed my ear pain since the U of M visit (what does that tell you!) but throat is still sore and the whole side of my neck. I am blaming that on allergies and a runny nose.

Also, thank you Evan for your kinds words! I hope I am not embarrasing myself with all my crazy posts but I am glad you enjoy reading. I also see all of your posts to the Zimmermans and I know that is helping them. You are a special young man, Evan.

We are gearing up for Halloween and the Harvest Dance this week in our house, plus National Honor Society inductions. Crazy Mil has a tradition that she feeds the whole family tacos on Halloween and us old fogies hang at the house while the youngters and their parents trick or treat. I do NOT miss walking the streets of Misty Acres--it is much more fun to see all the kids come in to John and Ginger's Dungeon of Dead Animals! This year tho' we will have to leave early to make the honor society inductions.

Manly man James is out hunting--since 6:30 this a.m.. In the rain, in the cold, etc. I don't get it, but he is in heaven when he does this. Silly Jimmy. He did call and told Josh we would take him to Famous Dave's for lunch. Josh is a rib hound I must say.

Also, oh my gosh! Betty brought me my recipe book of all the weeks of meals I had during my recovery! What a great gift! I also have copies of all the wonderful recipes so if any one wants them, let me know. Betty, you have been such a blessing to me in all of this. When I start to feel like everyone has moved on and I feel "cancer lonely" I know you are out there. Thanks Liz Moses! By the way, I am still working on my thank you notes. My mom would KILL me if she knew how behind I am. For now, I will still thank ALL of you for all that you have done. I made it through this far with an upbeat attitude because of all of you.

Ginger and John leave for the UP on November 1. It has been so reassuring to have them home. Now I am looking forward to heading to the UP for Thanksgiving. It will mean more to me this year than any other year I am sure. It is a time to do nothing but read, eat, sleep, laugh, eat some more, and laugh some more. I am so glad Johnny and Mimi are going--very sad Danny and Aida aren't but understand they have to make up time for football season. Ginger just loves it when we are all there. We also have others' coming from the other side of the fence (aka George's family) so it will still be lots of fun. Andrew is taking Dan Holland and this will be his first hunt. Dan is one of the funniest kids I know and such an easy kid to take places.

TTFN. Thanks for reading and being there for me. You all still mean so much to me!



PK said...

Your musings just sound so darn normal now...I've gone back and read from the beginning and it's a powerful journey you've made and shared with us along the way. I was terribly moved by the breast cancer awareness activities at NHS Thursday - have you ever seen the word "breast" all over the school like that before !!?? It was truly an homage to you Molly. The power of one.

Meg Comerford said...

I am so glad to hear that things are looking better for you. It always makes me so happy to check your posting and see you on your road of healing. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly,
I've been thinking about you a lot and I'm so glad to hear that you are doing much better. You sound pretty up beat and that's what it takes to recover quickly. You are in my heart and prayers. You're the best darned Administrator I've ever worked for...It's great to read up on your progress. Keep it coming.
Cindy Kenny

Betty said...

Molly, ML (aka Mo-Liz)
Looks as tho you've got some great family holiday plans coming soon
(Halloween & Thanksgiving). Can't think of a better disruption of Halloween tacos than Andrew's induction into National Honor Society. Tell him congrats and to be careful not to drip that candle!

As for Molly's Meals" recipe book, there are still more to come (deadlines & e-mails be dammed!) Keep in mind that all those lady friends listed in the book, plus many more, are always "out there" for you.

Chin-Chin LM (aka Liz Mo)

Michelle Asmus said...

Where have you been? You know there are several of us who are addicted to your blog and are disappointed when you don't post for days!!!

Re: Top Ten
I must admit that I feel as if I was given an assignment and never turned it in. My "list" has been sitting by my computer at home for weeks. I haven't quite come up with ten yet, but wanted to "turn in" what I had so far.
-live to see the day that my son doesn't have to worry about one of HIS parents having cancer
-learn to play the piano
-watch Jason teach Dane all about baseball
-be able to touch or ride a horse without having an asthma/allery attack
-watch Dane graduate from NHS as the fourth generation on both sides to do so
-visit the island of Capri, Fiji, the Grand Canyon and DC.

Not very thought provoking, but when I really thought about it it made me think of all the things I have been luck TO DO and thankful for A LOT.

And even though I never had you in school, thank you, teacher, for the "assignment".

See you in the morning-