Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gone with the Wind and hot dog juice.

Let's start with my most recent pump up. OUCH! The chest muscle is really getting stretched. I said , sure do 120cc's--piece of cake! When we got to 100 cc's I started to really feel it, and by the time it was at 110 Dr. M could tell by the look on my face that I was in pain and said "I am backing you up to 100ccs." So that is where we left it. I still felt really good about the visit because I can REALLY tell it is working by looking at it, and feeling the chest muscle stretch tells me we are doing what we are supposed to be doing! I still, almost 12 hours later, feel like I am having to catch my breath, and I can't lift my arm that well, but it is ok.

My ear hurts like crazy today--but when I drove home from school I didn't even notice it. I can't wait to go to U of M, even though I am terrified--AT LEAST I WILL HAVE SOME MORE INSIGHT from a doctor who has at least treated ACC (albeit not the ACC breast) but at least knows what it is. I just keep telling myself pursuing his opinion is the right thing to do, but part of me wants to cancel and just ignore everything. But I won't of course.

OH! I forgot. I had my first facial today. Now, that was interesting. I am not about having people look at me really close up--probably why I hate the dentist and the eye doctor.--so this was a little uncomfortable at first. She starts by cleansing my face, then some mask that reminded me of junior high when my girlfriends and I would buy all that stuff and peel green masks from our face....then she steamed me for awhile. (I about choked on that one--I felt like I couldn't breathe) After that some other cream stuff that smelled ok, until she asked me if I thought it smelled like hot dog juice...and it did! I never even knew hot dogs had juice...

Anyway, at the end of the facial she starts massaging my head and that sort of freaked me out. I didn't expect it and what kept going through my mind was a scene from Gone with the Wind when Rhett is so mad and Scarlett that he squeezes her head in between his hands and says "I could crush your skull right now, Scarlett." It felt good but my mind wandered and thought maybe she was some wierdo who liked to play in thick crazyfrizzy hair...THEN, suddenly she was using a tiny brush to put something on my lips and that made me think she was "Dressing me up"--it was soooo silly on my part--she was very nice but obviously didn't tell me much as to why she was doing what she was doing. After all, I was a freebie so why waste time? : )

Actually, I really could tell the difference in my skin--I glowed the whole way home and will probably do it again. It was just wierd!

Have you all read others' top ten lists? I think they are amazing! If you can't think of ten, just put a few...in fact, Crazy Mil said she can't think of ten things she wants to do before she leaves this earth...I said, now that is a great life! I told her some of yours and then she got rolling...by the way Donna, if you are reading this, Crazy Mil misses you very much!

TTFN! mucho amore --(much love in Molly language)



Graziani-Brown said...


This is my first time posting. Does this make me a virgin blogger? I've been reading everyone's top ten and was inspired to think of mine. It took me awhile...

My top ten:
-have a healthy, happy child (or two) with my husband, Steve
-watch Nicholas graduate from college and become a productive member of society
-take a family vacation with the whole "Graziani" family and actually have both my sister and husband there; one will always have to be at Milano's
-visit Italy
-have a wonderful realtionship with Nicholas's wife
-retire early to stay home and watch my grandchildren for the first few years of their lives
-Watch the Cubbies wins a World Series (I with you Jim!!!)
-expand "the girls" weekend shopping trips to week long vacations; dude ranch, spa, Carribean trip, etc.
-own a house on a lake
-incorporate a daily exercise program into my life (thanks to my traniner Jen Nate)

I love you! I'm glad your cancer free!


Cherie S. said...

How about cow tippin...I thought of that one today. That was suppsoe to be done by the time I turned 40...anyone up for it?

Good luck tomorrow...play some good music and drive with the windows down. Hopefully this trip will set your mind at ease.

p.s. I think the title for today could make an interesting song.

Cherie S.

April Meek said...

Just a quick note to let you know I am thnking about you tonight. I hope your trip to U of M brings much needed answers and nothing but good news! Enjoying reading everyone's top 10.
Take care,