Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kristina, where art thou?

I was just thinking about you Kristina--the last you wrote you were suffering from some indigestion and I just want to make sure you are ok! So post when you can...I also want you to read what I learned from Dr. Wolf, and Valerie and ACC/breast person in CA who met with the supposed "expert" from UCDavis. What we know is all there is to know! : )

To the rest of you, enjoy this gorgeous fall day...happy birthday Gage...congrats to Andrew and all of his friends for getting into National Honor Society...congrats to Josh on his 100 percent on both his history and geometry tests...congrats to the Vikings for their 49-0 win over Benton Harbor...TL, I hope to you are doing GREAT...Ava may be moving to a regular laundry is all done...Andrew's $8,000 teeth are straight and pretty and he likes them...

Lots of things to be thankful for--


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Anonymous said...

Hey Molly,
I am here reading your blog faithfully and also Ava's blog. What inspiration and hope that tiny baby gives me. Things are going well, my indigestion was nothing as usual and cleared up on its own. Probably just stress. We are moving on the 26th, just across town to a bigger home, but packing SUCKS. I am so tired of boxes and stuff, stuff everywhere. I am very excited about being in the new house but I want someone else to come and take care of everything and I can just show up at the new house on Friday and it all be done. Ah, were is suite 200 when you need it. Is that the right suite? I cant remember. I am not used to having a place to go if there are problems. I just loved that blog as I love all of them.
Keep on keeping on.