Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't forget to do your Top Ten

Just a reminder to post your top ten--and don't forget to read what everyone else has written. They are all so fun to read! I want to make mine a Top 100! And as you can see, we all have sooooo much in common.

Another person Pam knows was diagnosed with cancer recently, and Uncle Rick, married to Barb, also has some sort of skin cancer. I did read on YAHOO today that colon cancer death rates took a big dip...and breast cancer diagnoses have also dipped. The BC thing may be misleading as fewer women are having mammograms, but perhaps fewer women having hormone therapy have lessened the diagnosis as well. It is October--have you all had a mammo in the last year? (for those of us over 40) Also, have a day with your boobs tonight and feel all over them for anything unusual. Get your significant other to help, if needed.

My email buddy Valery in CA. is meeting with California's ACC/breast expert tomorrow. She is going to ask lots of questions and email the answers to me so I will keep you posted. She is having her surgery Nov. 1. I have decided weekends are my worst worry time--throughout the week, I rarely worry because I am too busy. Tomorrow is BOOB FILL UP DAY. I am so excited to see more progress--I also get a free facial at the Skin Spa. Then U of M on Wednesday. I go from being proud of myself for being a self-advocate and trusting my body, to being scared out of my flippin' mind. Either way, as I have said a million times, I have to face this head on, regardless of what it is.

Going to run now. Not literally--in fact, I am going to RUN to the kitchen to eat the yummy homemade macaroni and cheese my angel Betty brought over.

POST YOUR TOP TEN! Make Pam happy! She wants more postings! ME TOO!

Blessings 2,390 times over to all--



Anonymous said...

Okay, so here's my top ten:
1. Take voice lessons.
2. Sing (well) in front of a large audience.
3. Vacation in Hawaii.
4. Meet Jon BonJovi.
5. Watch my girls go off to college with full scholardhips. This, of course, will later lead to fabulous careers where they will meet husbands who are as wonderful as their daddy.
6. Be seranaded by my husband (Rascal Flatz "God Bless The Broken Road"). Morgan and Taylor are always dropping hints to him but I don't think he's taking them seriously.
7. Wear a bikini and actually look good in it.
8. Be a mom my girls can always be honest with.
9. Live an incredibly long, healthy, and happy life with the man of my dreams (Jeff). We have a great start!
10. Live to see a cure for cancer.

Beth A.

Anonymous said...

My top 10 (in no particular order":
1. Take a European vacation
2. Take a cross country camping trip with friends(I think everyone already knows this!)
3. Watch my kids become good, successful people.
4. Vacation on an exotic caribbean island
5. Finish a master's degree
6. LANDSCAPE MY FOREST (I think you would all agree!)
7. Sky dive
8. Scuba dive
9. Learn to sail / buy a sailboat
10. Be a grandma (I think this is going to be the best!)

See you soon and good luck at UofM, come home with nothing but good news!


jcraig said...

I think you need a male perspective (especially since you congratulated me earlier for being the only man to post on your blog), so here goes (obviously in order)...
10. Run a triathlon (ok, so its a lofty goal)
9. Live long enough to retire and wake up each day without an alarm clock.
8. Watch the Cubs win the World Series (even loftier).
7. Make 4 good golf shots IN A ROW.
6. Play Poker in the World Series Main Event.
5. Catch a Musky.
4. Get up on water skis one more time.
3. Have long relaxed days to catch up on life with my wonderful wife when our frenetic lives wind down.
2. Have my children love each other as adults as they do now, build their own families,and make them their top priority.
1. Leave a peaceful, healthy and prosperous world for them to live in.
Jim C.