Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ava. Double CC's. Suite 200.

Ava has made it through surgery as well as can be expected. Her surgeon felt things went well but that the next 48-72 hours are critical. They have left Ava's chest open for further surgery if needed. Heather says Ava is a fighter and they know she is fighting as hard as she can. Hopefully I can get some pictures from Heather so you all can see Ava. Please continue your prayers for Ava and her family.

My visit to Dr. Messinger was sort of exciting in that he decided to double the amount of saline since I tolerated my last pump up so well. So they put in 120cc's and so far, it seems fine. Tara, the nurse, cautioned me that I might feel it tomorrow. Last night when I went to take a shower I thought my good boob looked a little red on the under side and when I looked closer, a little blood-stained fluid came out of the incision. I poked and pressed a little bit and more came out so I thought perhaps I had a bit of an infection. Dr. Messinger today said that it looked ok--asked if I had a fever--and since I don't he thinks it is all ok. The fluid was just a stitch that had popped open--no big deal according to him. So, all in all, a good visit.

Of course Crazy Mil Ginger went with me to my appointment. First thing we did was march right up to Suite 200 and ask what problems they solved. EVeryone laughed and said we were to come up there if we had problems with the BATHROOM. It was worth a good laugh and they agreed the sign was a bit vague. Leave it to Ginger.

Also had a chance to stop by my parents today. Mommy made me a wreath for my door--I was there about 5 minutes only so that sort of stunk. But they are doing great in their retirement high rise.

Andrew is still sick. Did make it to school today but couldn't go to football as his stomach is still hurting him. He has got his National Honor Society application done thank goodness--and will be turning it in tomorrow. I HATE when my kids are sick as they get so far behind.

But you know what? It will all be ok and this too shall pass.

Keep praying for Ava.



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Betty said...

Glad to hear Ava's surgery went well. Our prayers continue for that little one, her parents, and family.

Sounds like you will be a full figure woman soon. Yippee!

I was saddened to learn that Suite 200 deals only with bathroom problems. I thought we had discovered the path to enlightenment! And I, for one, just may decide to cling to belief in Suite 200 much as I do the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

Finally, Go Cubs as you take on those Diamondbacks tonight. Hope I can stay awake till 10:00 pm for the game :)