Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Woah, Nelly. Boob is getting FULL!

Two things to report--well three, but two about me. And its all about ME, right? : )

Had my boob fill today and oh boy, I could tell. I had 120 CC's injected and could feel it the whole time, which isn't painful, just strange. Visually, I could also tell the difference and throughout the day, it is more painful, but not anything I can't tolerate. So, I have a total of 300 CC's in. Ginger asked a grumpy Dr. Messinger when I would be totally filled and he pointed at my good boob and said "See that? Then we are done." (We laughed at how grumpy he was when we left) But Tara, my nurse, was in a good mood and said that all reconstruction patients get a free facial at the Skin Care Spa so next week I get myself a facial. Fun, fun. I know WHY they do that--to get us to do it more often--but either way, I will enjoy it. (oh, by the way, Betty, there was NO sign to "go to Suite 200" in the men's room--Ginger checked. There had been one we think, as adhesive was still there. We figure the men were so confused by what it meant they just ripped it down)

Secondly, and I am sort of sheepish about this, Ginger and I had a long talk about my worries and have decided to call Dr. Wolf, my WONDERFUL head and neck doctor from U of M who did my neck tumor in 2001, to see if he will see me about my fears about my ear and pains in my throat/neck. I just want a thorough exam. I actually emailed him this afternoon--I 'm embarrassed that he will think I am a pyschochondriac (psycho hypochondriac) but Ginger convinced me that this is NOT worth worrying about when there are people who can help. I thought about going to a local ENT but if there is something wrong, I am going back to U of M anyway. I will let you know what his email says--he is the freakin' Chief of Staff at U of M but always responds via email so how can I not like the guy? He will probably email me back and say "This message was undeliverable." : ) I tried to keep it short but you know me.

Lastly, and this is great news, Ava's chest was closed today--which means the doctors, at this point, feel they don't need to go back in for anything else. That is just HUGE. Now the concern is infection, but I truly believe this is the best day for all of them--both Jamies are feeling better about things. Keep praying tho'--this is a long road and positive thoughts are always needed. But bless her little heart--Heather says Jamie said she is looking more and more like a little baby.

On another good note, Andrew was chosen to go to a leadership clinic for MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) student athletes. He and six other Niles juniors and sophomores are attending in late October. He is such a good kid. I am very proud. (Aunt Mimi, Bryanna was chosen as well! YOU Should be proud of your niece and nephew!) All of the students going are the some of the best in their class and will represent Niles well. Now, if Andrew would just get his calculus grade up! : )

Ta Ta for Now. I am going to go see if Dr. Wolf emailed me back. I am scared. : (



PK said...

Hey Molly,
There's a pic of your ex-boob and your no-boob....will you post a pic of your "Woah, Nelly" boob? :)
I sent the Kodak gallery of the BrCa walk...let me know if you can't get this one open either & I'll figure out another way. May have to send it to home not school...our filters may be rejecting the "BR***T" word.

Betty said...

Mol, 300cc's sounds pretty full to me. Tell grumpy to watch that good boob - don't want to be lopsided. Yeah for the facial -- now that's a bonus we'd all love.

Talked with Ginger at the game last Fri. so thought she'd be checking that men's room out for a sign. Told her I figured there'd be no sign "go to Suite 200" as many men already think they have all the answers:) They may have ripped the sign down in there, but I'm still glad we women know where all answers can be found.

Glad to hear you are checking with Dr. Wolf (hope he isn't grumpy when you see him). I agree with Ginger, if it gives you peace of mind, I'd say it's a good thing. Sure better than worrying about unknowns and becoming a (what'd you call it) a psychochondriac. Love the new word!

Happy about the news on Ava Christine. Checked out her blog --
What a doll! Will keep praying for her speedy recovery.

Granddaughter Sadie Anne, 6mos old now, is coming for a visit tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I'm visiting Maggie's 2nd graders as a sub grandmother for their Grandparents Day, but by the evening I get to be the real thing. Excited? You bet!

Tell Andrew congrats on his MHSAA deal. Way to go! (but not surprised)

Later, Betty

Betty said...

Molly, While thinking about you this morning, I began to muse about all your new cc's. Does cc stand for "cute curves"? Sounds right to me. You go girl!

Have a great day, Betty

April Meek said...

Let me start by saying that I am Brendon Michael Meek's mom(most people know me by that name better, funny how that happens)I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I read your blog all the time. Your funny, smart, honest, and most of all a fighter! We just found out that Troy has testicular cancer. I guess from what I read if you can pick a cancer to have this is the one you want(who the heck wants cancer anyway). I never could have imagined that in my lifetime I would say the word testicular to so many different people! I guess boobs, balls- it's all the same to cancer, it does not care. So again thanks for sharing your story, it has helped me. I am not even the one with cancer, but I am the basket case, feel a little like I am going crazy! My mind just races with all the bad thoughts! I hope you are comforted by Dr Wolf- you are not crazy, you are human.
Take care,
April Meek