Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dreary Sunday...brighten it up with YOUR Top Ten!

Happy Rainy Sunday to you. I actually am glad that it is raining so I can stay in the house, without my boob on, in comfortable sweats, and I can make cookies.

For Christmas this past year, Jim and I decided not to get our nephews the typical Christmas presents--we decided to take them to Cedar Point in the upcoming summer. Because of cancer, and Little League World Series, we never made it in the summer but did so yesterday.

Luckily, the kids had a great time but I will tell you it was insanely crowded! The workers said it was a record-breaking weekend. EVERYTHING had a long line--even the vending machines. I normally go on all the rides but this year thought I should sit them out--between my boobs issues and my pain in the neck it was the right decision. But it left for some long waits...and even though the kids never got that cold, I was frozen by the end of the night. We got home at 1:00 this morning and decided next year we have to do it in two days--I was going out of my mind trying to stay awake to keep Jim awake--it didn't seem to bother him--mainly because he claims to have slept quite often (yes, he was driving) Like I said, the kids had a good time and were GREAT. so it really as fun. We are already planning next year, and think we might camp right there at Cedar Point.

A woman emailed me this weekend from one of my list servs and she is an ACC survivor--but her ACC was in her salivary gland. She had Dr. Wolf at U of M and loves him--but just sees an oncologist now. : ( What was disturbing about her email was that she says she now has ACC/breast. And despite my numerous questions, she hasn't said if they are mets or not. (obviously I am still concerned that I have ACC in my neck--and that my breast was not primary) She said something like her lung biopsies (she now has mets to her lungs) went through where the tumors then showed up...anyway, just another reason I am glad I am going to see Dr. Wolf. But my issues unfortunately are NOT better--in fact, I woke up this morning and my ear, neck, throat etc. were already throbbing. Keep praying that it is just some viral infection or something. I also have another fear that my schwannoma six years ago was really ACC. I doubt they could make that drastic of a mistake but stranger things have happened.

Ok--now that I have been nothing but dismal, let's do my TOP TEN THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I LEAVE THIS EARTH. (don't worry about order..that is too hard.)

Drum roll....and mine are very simple, by the way.

Own an RV and travel all over this country.

Go to Hawaii and actually stay on the ocean.

Visit the White House and other DC attractions.

Tour plantations of the south.

Build a Brawley Compound in the UP. (Pam and I already have plans as to what it MUST have. )

Be a grandma. (not for awhile, however!)

Be a runner. (ok, so this might be a fantasy but it would mean so many things!)

See this community pass a bond issue. (this too would mean so many things!)

Have my boys meet women who make them very, very happy and have wonderful marriages. (Andrew seems to be well on his way!: )

Be alive when a cure for cancer is discovered.

See how easy that is? Don't stress about it...just post! You may inspire others or may find you have a lot in common with someone else.

Much love to you all--



Mimi said...

Yea! I'm the first to post my list! As I said the other day, I worked on it at work (not that I wasn't paying attention to my patient, I promise!). My list is in the order in which it would most likely happen, although is very subject to change! This is fun. . . I hope a lot of people post! OK, here goes . . .

Before I leave this earth, I want to:

10. Throw away my pager for ever.
9. Become so incredibly thin that I'm told I'm "too skinny" (As If!) and that my face is looking "gaunt".
8. Fill my passport with stamps from exotic destinations around the globe. Most likely (and hopefully) with Jake in tow, since he is a self-proclaimed "globetrotter" in the making. This may actually include visiting Quinn on his most recent big game hunting expeditions.
7. Attend college graduation for both Quinn and Jake, whereupon I immediately deposit them in the location of their newly chosen career where they start work at a tidy little mid six-figure income (Just to start, of course. Raises are imminent) and promises to take care of dear ol' Mum forever.
6. Sit front row/center for Jake's first rock concert and listen to him dedicate the concert to his wonderful mother who always encouraged (read that: nagged) him to practice his guitar.
5. Weep openly at both boys' weddings.
4. Love whomever the boys fall in love with and have them love me back with the magnitude that I love "Crazy Mil".
3. Hold each of my grandchildren and fill them with embarrassing stories about their dad.
2. Own a retirement home in the Florida Keys or the Bahamas staffed by well-tanned hotties that fan me constantly with palm fronds. (I'll take just the house if the hotties are out of the question.)
1. Kiss Johnny goodnight every night between now and then.

April Meek said...

Here is my top 10 list:
(no particular order)

-Go on a tropical vacation on the ocean, all-inclusive-no worries.

-Have our home renovations complete-including a pool in the back yard. (we are in the middle of a complete overhaul, we are currently walking on sub floors)

-Watch Troy walk our daughters down the aisle to the man of their dreams. May he be as wonderful as their father!

-Watch Brendon marry the women of his dreams.

-Be at the college graduation of all three of my children.

-Spoil my grandchildren rotten.

-See my children live happy, healthy, and successful lives.

-See Troy back to his happy, easy going, healthy self.

-To go on a summer baseball road trip. Hit all of the major ballparks and watch the Cal Ripken World Series. If Brendon happened to be playing-bonus!

-To grow old with the most wonderful man in the world, Troy. Enjoy the good life and travel.

Betty said...

Okay, here are ten (or so) randomly listed things I'd like to do before leaving this earth:

Tour Australia/New Zealand with my husband and visit with my brother who lives in Melbourne (planning for early 2008)

Shoot my age, at least once, on the golf course (will have to live several more years to accomplish this one)

See my grandchildren become happy and healthy grown ups.

Run (maybe jog) along side Molly to celebrate the cure for cancer.

Be engaged in fascinating conversations with erudite and caring women who have experienced much in their lives and learn from their wit and wisdom. (Done this, but want to again and again)

Spend vacation time at a warm oceanside villa with husband, sons, their wives, and grandkids(dogs too)

Lose "love handles" before 50th HS class reunion. Omigod, that's next summer!

Do something silly with girlfriends that is spontaneous, unexpected, and outrageous and will be remembered with giggles from our rocking chairs.

Read & share good books; finish knitting/needlepoint gifts.

Remember the words to great tunes on my brain that I'm always trying to catch because they are related to wonderful times in my life.
Find the World's real Suite 200.

Anonymous said...

You are addicting! I have to read your blog every lunch hour. I have to tell you, you are already achieving one of my top 10 things...that is to be able to rach out and touch the lives of others. Thank you for allowing us all into your corner of a very scary world. I can only imagine how terrifing it would be to have cancer looming in your life. You are a very brave person.

By the way because of the conversations your blog site has inspired, Sammee and I are going to act on one of my top ten's this summer...we are going to do the 3 day walk for breat cancer.

Thank you Molly for your daily inspirations and keep on being strong.

My top the way this was fun!

*Get a passport and use it!

*Go rock climbing

*Teach in India or Africa for a year

*Go sky diving with Sammee

*Take Paxton to Hollywood

*Travel across the country taking photographs of old barns and sell( I would glady give) them to Natinal Geographic...(or maybe the Daily Star)

*Start an annual "girls trip" and have it continue so that I will one day go on this trip with my girls.

*Tavel from Boston to Charleston and visit all the historic sites.

*Open Serendipity...not sure what I will sell, I just love the name.

*Watch my girls to grow into happy healthy women who hopefully will be able to say, "I have lived my life to the fullest."

Hope your having a great day,
Cherie S.