Thursday, October 11, 2007

Laughing and Top Ten Poll to come...

I am 100 percent exhausted today. The final bell of the day rang and I actually felt my shoulders and eyelids droop with extreme tiredness. I tried to clean my desk and didn't even have the gumption to do that. So here I am drinking some yummy ice cold tomato juice. Jim went hunting and Josh went to the football game. Andrew has practice and then team dinner at Wings Etc. The house is quiet and toasty warm. It's cold outside!

My appointment with Dr. Wolf is next Wednesday at 2:15. I am nervous but Crazy Mil will make it ok. I am so hopeful it will ease my mind and not open another hellacious cancer diagnosis. That just scares me to death. But I have to face whatever it is as if it is something bad it's NOT going away.

Troy Meek is having his surgery as we speak. Prayers to you Troy for a speedy recovery.

Let's see. Lonnie, I miss you. Come home and let's talk baseball. I want summer, I want my first anniversary of being cancer free, I want sunshine, I want to laugh with Lois and Lisa, and anyone else who wants to join us.

Today I got the extreme giggles thinking about something that Heather did to me a few years ago. Why I thought of it now, I don't know, but it is one of those things that whenever it pops up in your mind you start laughing.

A few years ago I always balanced my checkbook using the telephone service the bank provides. (I do everything by computer now of course) Anyway, it was sort of my Saturday morning task and I usually did it in the chaos of Jim getting the kids up for Rocket Football, making breakfast, etc. So I am sitting on the couch, dialing the phone and the kids are screaming so I yell "SHHH! I am balancing my checkbook!."

I then place my ear to the phone and expect to hear it ringing, but lo and behold I hear the computerised voice saying, very sternly I might add, "Your account is overdrawn."

Stunned, as I knew I had money I said weakly to the voice, "It is?"

And then Heather just starts cracking up like she was funny or something. (She had called in right as I was dialing and heard me yelling about my checkbook)

This story always makes me laugh out loud.

I am sure you don't find it funny at all, but hey, I have laughed all day about this for some reason.

Hey, my next blog I am going to do a poll of sorts. I want you to think about 10 things you want to do before you leave this earth. I did this once in the classroom and I remember going to New York City was on my list (which i have now done) but with the whole cancer thing, I should revisit it--not because I am going to die soon or anything, but because I want to do some cool things. Anyway, I will post mine and then I want you to post yours (in case I am missing something cool) So stay tuned!

Ok. I may actually run up to the soccer and football games.

Pray for Ava tomorrow--she will be having an MRI on her tiny heart to see if she needs major surgery or a minor procedure.

Love to you,



Michelle Asmus said...

I laughed at the Heather story. She and Jenny are the two funniest girls I know.

8l, njkj (That was Dane. It looks like he is trying to write to someone named "81".)

Your one year cancer-free anniversary will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Taylor is cracking up right now because, as I was reading your blog, she came from behind me and read the word "BOOBS". Right now she is running around the house asking her dad, sister, and the dog to say "boobs". Must be the day to laugh (I think we all need a little humor right now). I am sending positive thoughts to you, Troy, and Ava.
Beth Altergott

Jamie Zimmerman said...

Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words during our most difficult time.

Your blog made us laugh for the first time in over a week. Thank you for that!

Jamie and Jamie

April Meek said...

Glad to hear you got an appointment with Dr. Wolf. You probably already heard, but I wanted to let you know Troy's surgery went well. No surprises, he is feeling pretty good. Now the hard part we have to wait for the path report. I hope your not wearing yourself out too much at work!
Take care,

Mimi said...


Another great idea for a blog topic might be "Crazy Stories That Involve Heather Christine"! I have a great one that involves tailgating at Hampshire before the Vampire Scramble. . . . but that is for another day!

I already have my "10 things" list compiled (I worked on it today during an incredibly long case in the electrophysiology lab!) so I can't wait for you to start it!

As Pooh would say, I'm thinking "happy thoughts" about you, Troy and Baby Ava -- and sending all our love and support to you guys.