Monday, August 13, 2007

Game--boo! Lobster Stew--YUM!

Game stuff first. We lost. Played limp and without enthusiasm. New Jersey came out hitting Taylor Ort--then we settled down but just didn't get enough hits at the right time. Andrew had a good game defensively, and also had a great hit down the third base line so that was good for him. Jim and I just returned from watching Hawaii play Georgia and have decided it will probably be Hawaii and Venezeula in the championship game. But honestly, there are some really good teams here so you never know. The team from Texas, who we play Thursday, is a team from a town of 100, 000. Both the East team and Venezeula were here last year, as well as Hawaii so you know they have some strong programs.

Went to Captain Nick's tonight for dinner. Had the most awesome lobster stew, which was more like huge chunks of lobster in a milky/buttery broth. Andrew had a full lobster--I took pictures of him in his bib. I think his lobster was $15, with all the sides. It was nice to spend some time with him--we were feeling so low after the loss but got to spend some time with a few of the players and they are doing fine--lots of smiles and laughter. Most of them are being very friendly to the other teams and are making friends. Andrew said he tried to talk to the Venezeulan team but their English was as bad as his Spanish. The Hawaii kids are super happy and outgoing kids and the Asian/Pacific team speaks English. Tomorrow we play the Lithuaians. They are skinny tall blonde kids who play decent defense, but are also winless. All in all, it still is worth every minute, even though our bats are quiet.

Was reading today about the BRAC1 and BRAC2 gene test and based on what I have read, I should probably be tested. (anyone diagnosed before 50 is a candidate) If I was positive,then I would probably have both breasts removed and my ovaries. I am about ready to take everything out I don't need! My latest worry is my salivary glands--as you all know, Ihave that crazy first bite syndrome from my neck tumor back in 2001, and each time I take a bite of something, my salivary gland hurts terrible. While this isn't anything new, I do remember telling Jim about three months ago that I thought the pain was worse than before so my mind is going nuts on me. In case you missed it, my breast cancer is normally found in the salivary glands. The tumor board experts didn't seem all that concerned that I had other cancers but did tell me to always feel my neck for lumps, but since my neck is still numb from the surgery way back when I don't know what is a lump and what is residual crap from that. Just tonight's worry. Tomorrow I will find something else.

Gerri Sly--thanks for your email. I just read it today and your line about being safe with the mastectomy lifted my spirits. I am trying to look at it as a safety measure but do wonder if it is possible that the cancer has spread into my chest wall or the muscles? I guess I need to ask Dr. Nancy that! I was supposed to call today or tomorrow to get my next appointment info but chose not to...she said Tuesday would be fine and I just wanted to avoid thinking about it.

There are minutes I feel like such a fraud. I act like I am handling this well and most of the time I think I am, but the thought is always right there--eating away at me.

Fun stuff today--we went to Stephen King's house and Lonnie, I really could have walked up and rang his doorbell but he is in Australia. (if it was Derek Jeter's house I would have camped out) The gates were wide open and the house is right there on the street, just like ours is. The gates had gargoyles and spider webs and bats on them--the house was HUGE and old, almost Victorian looking. We took family shots and then went and got Andrew after his game and made him take photos too. Then we found this 31 foot statue of Paul Bunyan overlooking the waterway so that too became a photo op.

Our kids are representing Niles very well. The Maine locals have been very supportive and know our kids by name. Also, a man by the name of Paul Jacobs, a 1985 NHS grad, lives here and came with his Niles Vikings hat on and cheered us on. Any of you remember him?

Tomorrow is our last game to watch--we are planning to drive to Bar Harbor and see the ocean after the game. Air conditioner in our room is lousy but we can open the windows and that is helping as it feels like football weather at night.

Still trying to be brave. So much more crap ahead of me so I am trying to stay in denial as long as possible. ALL OF YOU: ENJOY EVERY SECOND YOU ARE GIVEN AND DO NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!!!

Will write tomorrow. As always, my blog is my drug!



Yolanda said...

As the Lord says, "Ask and ye shall receive". Wait a minute--I'm Muslim. Oh well. I couldn't wait to read your next update and as soon a I posted my comment and went back to your blog--there it was! Sorry that we suffered another loss. Have Jimmy give the team one of his Jimmy talks---that should do it.

Glad you got the nerve to go by the King house. From a celebrity point of view, the fact that you could go right up and ring his door bell tells me this is a real cool down to earth guy who likes people--no pretenses--but have you seen his cellar?????????????

Molly, don't let your mind go crazy. I thought they tested you to make sure the cancer had not spread. I agree you should have the Brac tests done before you do anything else. But keep your mind free and think only positive thoughts. I am going to the bookstore tomorrow and getting you some books on tape from some pretty powerful speakers. Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Good stuff, but remember the mind is powerful.
Try and stay positive and focused on what you want this outcome to be. See yourself in your mind as you want your body to be. Visualization is important. IT WORKS!!! Ask Muhammad.

I hope people don't begin to think I'm wacked. Not that I care as long as it helps to get you through this.


Kelly said...

Hey Molly..thanks for the updates from Maine. Sad for the kids, but happy they are making the most of it! Remember, it is "Bah Habor" not Bar Harbor...there is a cool national park there. Acadia...or take "the cat" to Nova Scotia. It is a FAST ferry and gambling aboard! We saw whales.

When you return, we are having a spa day...a breast cancer survivor opened one south of South Bend...plan on it, I have heard some incredible things. Good luck to the kids against the Lithuanians. (I need spell check!)
Stay positive Molly~ Thinking of you!

kim said...

Good morning,

Your blog is becoming my morning news... better than cartoon network :) Cool thing about Stephen King. A quick tidbit, my friend Anne, from Niles, went to Bowdoin (spelling?) and had Stephen King as her English teacher at the college. Weird huh?
I have always wanted to go to Maine and would love to see the photos. You know me.
I would take it all out. You're done having kids right? Peace of mind.
Enjoy your time out there. Remember they are all winners since they got this far.

Hugs and kisses, Kim

Paula P. said...

Miss Molly,
I agree with Yolanda....Keep thinking positive thoughts...SAy those over and over in your head...These positive thoughts will come to fruition...You can do it Molly! And every time your brain goes in a direction you don't want it to, stop, take a deep breath and start repeating those positive things again! See yourself with those perky boobs you were talking about....My grandma had her macsectemy 40 years ago when she was 44 and now as a 84 year old she golfs and runs after my Bailey! :)
Love ya tons,
Paula P.