Saturday, August 11, 2007

Upbeat and Maine bound

Feeling much better today after seeing friends and getting Andrew off to Maine. (Plus, I know he has now landed safely.) Betty, my dear, I ADORE the picture frame and card you got me--so much I am making the verse a permanent part of this blog. I am sorry I haven't called, but know that I will have plenty of time when I get back to do some lunches! I love each and everyone of your comments. All of you.

Re-read some chapters last night and reconstruction sounds a bit daunting, especially the kind that they take fat off your stomach or butt to add to your boobs. Although that sounds great, I think I will opt for perky little implants 'cause the less surgery I have the better. But it will all depend on what the doctor says.

Enough about sucky cancer. Our Howard Johnson's in Maine has wireless internet so I will keep you all posted on the games. I guess my lovely son was on TV last night saying he can't wait to talk to some "Mexicans and Japanese" So much for political correctness! Jane Brandstatter gave me some great Maine tips--so now I am really excited and have been able to put this cancer thing to the back of my mind. Plus, physically, I feel better--not so sluggish. I may even get a drink on the plane, since I hate to fly. (ooh...I forgot, I have some Xanax I could take!) WEE--HEE!!!!

I love love love you all!!!



Kelly said...

Lot's of love, luck, & lobster in Maine~ Missed Andrew's culturally diverse comments last night as we were watching 22 and Corey Johnson!
Looking forward to more from Maine!
Love you!

Mimi said...


I have our computer all set to go with the radio broadcasts of the games. Let us know if you know of anyother venue to watch the games. Maybe a local Maine channel is covering and have a live feed?

I'd like to offer a donation of my belly fat to create your new perky boobies. I would do that for you. It would make me feel like I have contributed in some way.

Hope your travels are going well so far. At least you don't have to take John to an amusement park this time!

Good luck to Andrew, tell him that Quinn and Jake are contemplating an ESPN boycott because they thought they were going to see him playing on TV for this whole thing. They are sooo disappointed we aren't there (not as much as me!). Quinn actually said, "Screw Florida, Mom." To which I responded, "Don't say 'screw'."

We love you all and wait anxiously for all updates.


Jen said...

Miss Molly...

Here's my first post to you. Like all the others, I don't know what to say, which you know is quite unusual for me!!! I'm so proud of you and your attitude! You're doing it with class, girl! Keep your head up and keep laughing!

Good luck in Maine! Cheer on those boys!

Here's to safe travels and grand slams!

Love you,

Yolanda said...


Thanks for sending me your blog address. This is a great way to keep in touch.

I was so happy to have a chance to see you yesterday before you left for Maine. I was afraid you were already gone. You look great and your attitude is exceptional given all the baggage that has been dumped on you in the last two weeks. I am taking strength from your example.

Never think of this cancer as yours--don't own it. You want it to leave and go away. As much as I hate that you have this awful condition at the moment, it really serves as a reminder to me, someone who lives life at 90 mph, what's really important in life and how wonderful the people of this community are--we are family. That's what makes Asaad love it here so much. Everyone here has a connection.

I hope we don't smother you trying to help. If we do, never feel afraid to tell us you need your space.

Have some real fun on this trip and throw caution to the wind. Do something outrageous--like go and ring Stephen King's door bell and introduce yourself. What can he say?

Give the team our best and tell them we want them to bring home the gold. Andrew has to have a chance to redeem himself on the news. Plus people are going to want to know if he met any Mexicans or Japanese. Tell Phats and Andrew to knock one out of the park. Tell them those bragging rights will last all year.


lori brawley said...

Hey Mol,
So glad that you are in Maine!! Try to enjoy your time. I want to talk to you when you get back about the stomach/boob mom had that done. It has worked out great for her. Good luck to Andrew and the boys. We are cheering for them all!! lots of love,Lori

PK said...

I'm so glad you went to Maine - think how depressed you'd be if you had stayed home! Do it all -don't give up anything you want to when you need...ask us for help when you need..cry, laugh, swear, beat on things, laugh, hug, yell, and laugh - when you need. My friend Jo emailed you, and I know she'd be available to talk about the reconstruction choices if you want. She did implants, her sister did the flap. She's a very positive person & wants to reach out.
And let us know if you ring Stephen King's doorbell, ok? What a hoot.

Mimi said...


I dare you to ask Stephen King over for chili.

Garth missed out. That's all I have to say about that.

If the team gets down, just tell them that Mimi said, "Chake it off, Shad!".


beth a. said...

Molly, I've been reading your blog daily and keeping Jeff updated. We are praying for you and love you (like so many others).

God's Love and Mine,

P.S. I read People magazine religiously each week so I'll start collecting pictures for your new and improved "rack". You can share them with your plastic surgeon.
Good luck in Maine!

sheryl said...

Hey Molly, we are leaving for Mackinac Island tomorrow, so I wanted to send a good luck to the team. I will go nuts if my hotel doesn't have internet. I am addicted to your page. I not only check to see if you have blogged but I love reading everyone elses comments. Have fun!!!!

Paula P. said...

Miss Molly,

I am so moved by your page. Again, I find myself crying one minute and laughing at your "Molly and Ginger" stories the next. You are one of the strongest, kindest people I know...You are a role model to us all...I cannot tell you how many times my sister, Tracy has told me how you inspired her as her teacher in school and how many times I have told her how you inspire me as a teacher here....
You are adored by more people than you know and we all send much love your way.